Tuesday, May 29, 2007



looks like someone is in trouble.

this happened at the UPLB Gate, a checkpoint when entering the university campus. i don't know the whole story but it seems like the guy (left) was caught for something and the UP Police was inspecting the papers he presented (as evidence, perhaps).


pieterbie said...

I wouldn't dare take pictures like that over here. Policemen don't like you taking pictures of them, I believe it is in fact forbidden. Just like taking pictures in a railwaystation is not allowed.
Good thing you converted to B&W the officer's pale shirt is burned in a but.
Like the way the letters on the vehicle cannot be read, good focus in the photo, good use of DOF again.

baziq.com said...

it seems to me that hi is kind of angry for something. nice capture!

Sidney said...

Pieterbie, it's just a security guard. I admit they look like police... Anyway even policemen love to be on a picture... They are humans too...

Sorry Rayts... it seems I act as if this is my blog! ;-)

Some heated arguments here? I trust it will be solved the Filipino way! ;-)

my gulch said...

it's forbidden to take photos of this sort in Belgium? huh? why? i believe taking photos in metro train here is not allowed as well. the guard at the station once saw me taking photos of people getting board and he told me taking photos is not allowed. i didn't know that but i did not insist.

you're very keen Peter. i mean when it comes to the technical side. i thought no one would even try to point that out.

hi...haven't been to your site for the longest time. thanks for dropping by.

no problem...
these guys are actually campus police. same people who often shooed me away during the graduation rites simply because i don't have a press id.

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