Thursday, May 10, 2007

Drizzle, ripples, and mr. rainman





It rained yesterday! Boy was i happy. It was not a downpour but the mizzle was enough to water the thirsty soil. I was looking out from the window and can't help smiling. I've never been this eager to see the rain. So anyway, I had to feel it so I went at the rooftop and take some drizzle and ripple shots. But Roger (bottom photo), my officemate who likes to smoke at the rooftop was also there. He seems to be enjoying the rain as well. I asked him if he could model for me and was happy to do it. A few minutes more and the rain stopped. Now that is one fleeting moment with the rain. I hope to see more.


Sometimes we don't know what we're missing simply because we fail to stop, smell the air and feel the moment.


Sidney said...

Well, I guess, soon we will have too much rain...

Looks like your office mate enjoys the rain. Maybe you should ask your boss for a roof swimming pool! Looks like the perfect place to build one!

Ferdz said...

I really welcome that shower yesterday. Gusto ko rin sana kumuha ng ripples o puddles kahapon kaso di ako makalabas ng office. Sarap maligo sa ulan ulit! Hehe

pieterbie said...

Love the photo with the circular patterns. Roger looks great on the photo, only I think you gave him too little space on his left, our right. Just a little bit more would have done. I like the one liner at the end of your text. We should always stop to smell the air. I remember when I was working in Paris back in 2005. When I got out of the train in my hometown the first thing I would do is smell the comforting sea air.

tutubi said...

rain the summertime

love it also

hope it won't rain on may 19 :)

lino said...

love the ripple rayts... ngayon din umulan ulit... :)

Toe said...

This reminds me of this raining scene in the Daredevil with Ben Affleck. :)

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I like the richness and depth of your black tones Rayts especially in the top two images.
In Rogers image they seem a little 1 dimensional and flat in volume, but have the gravity of the tone still working in their favour. Having said that he still impresses a sense of relief in welcoming the rain with open arms. It's a wonderful thing to feel and absorb rain, a natural element of which our bodies are compositely mostly made of.

my gulch said...

been raining every late afternoon. sounds great, instead of getting some air during breaks, we get to literally cool off with that swimming pool on the roof. ;)

unang bugso ng ulan, sarap sumabay at maligo.

keen observation about the photo. you'right. i guess the timing wasn't just enough. roger doesn't want to get soaked.

why, what's up with May 19? a date perhaps? ;)

onga...panay panay na tuwing late afternoon.

ah yea, i remember that scene too. rain, just like the moon...they are always being romanticized in films.

my gulch said...

hi ndiginiz,
you are the master of monochrome images...the 3rd picture is really flat. it's a classic pose and like what Peter had observed, the spacing and framing are a little bit off. i guess the lack of enough time makes me go for the safe, dull options. but it's from here, that i learn. thanks.

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