Friday, May 11, 2007

Summer powers este flowers pala


Sunflowers attract bees without the effort. I wonder why.


I don't know what these bunch of flowers are called but I call them the blues.


These are blooms from the fire tree. The only reason I like the month of May is because the fire trees start to fire up with its deep orange flowers.


Another favorite, the golden shower. They come around during the month of May as well.


May 14 is Election Day. Stop whining. First, excercise your right to vote.


Ryan said...

Hey interesting blog. I like the last shot, nice DOF :)

May I know how you stumbled on to my blog (

rayts said...

hi ryan, thanks for the note. I've chance upon your blog through this site: which i often visit to check out new and interesting photoblogs. fortunately, yours is listed.

pieterbie said...

Wow, nevert thought that you were in to flowers :-)
Great pallet of colours here. Love the yellow ones in the last photo.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Yeah, ya' don't have to be a Botanist to figure out why bees are attracted to sunflowers, everyone knows it's the happy hour at the nectar bar!
I love watching sunflowers in the summer, cause I get up early I sit outside and watch the neighbors sunflowers wake and search for the morning sun and track it across the sky.
The flowers of the Fire tree look absolutely stunning and vibrant, it's easy to see where the name comes from. A lovely array of spring come summer colours Rayts. Enough colour to fill the soul with energy.

Tien said...

ooh...everyone is posting flowers! i forgot mine though...

Toe said...

I think I recognize those blues though I don't know what they're called. I used to pick them from my Lola's garden. They've got small sticky stems which you could stick to your clothes. :) Great pictures, as usual, Rayts. And I totally agree with you on your last sentence.

my gulch said...

we discover new things everyday. some of them truly surprise us, so the least we could do, is to be surprsed ouselves ;)

but sunflowers are naturally pollinator grabber! but you're right, it wouldn't take a botanist to know that, hehe. i'll feature fire trees soon...that and the autumn colors in Manila. ;)

you're right. i mean, everybody's posting flowers...

tama ka, may dagta nga siya pagpinipitas. napakarami nito sa UP Diliman, sa harap ng bahay ng Alumni, kala ko sa LB lang marami nito.

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