Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The subtle Murakami in After Dark


"Looks like a totally ordinary guy," says Komugi.
The ordinary-looking ones are the most dangerous," says Kaoru, rubbing her chin.
"They carry aroud a shit-load of stress."

- after dark, page 67

I've finished reading Murakami's latest, After Dark. It's a good thing that Monday was declared a national holiday. You got to do something aside from voting, right? It was a fun time to stay in my nook for awhile and finish a book. I've never done that, not usually. These days, finishing a book becomes more of a dispensation rather than a option.

I would understand why after reading this book, some people would say they didn't like it (comparing to all his other works), or they might feel a bit cheated at some part (which is very Murakami-esque, by the way), or it's not as thick and rich as the Wind-up Bird Chronicle or as deceptive and mind-boggling as Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World, but alas...I got what I came to read. What I meant to say is, I love it nonetheless.

I've got at least 5 reasons why I would recommend it to anyone. (I always have a reason, it has becoming more of an annoying habbit but I make it a point to have some). 1) I love its narrative treatment, sort of like writing a screenplay, the readers are being maneuvered; 2) The conversations betwen Mari and Takahashi are witty and rich; 3) Strong characterization, which I believe has always been a strong trait for every Murakami's novel; 4) There's always the "thinking sequence" one has to always connect the dots, sort it out and the readers are alone in this feat; and 5) The cats and the crows are here too, you wouldn't miss them.

I could tell you some reasons why you might not like it, but that's besides the point already.


I feel like saying "Sorry" today. I hope it gets to you.


pieterbie said...

I don't know Haruki Murakami, but after reading your post I want to go out and buy someting by this author. Have you read anything by Julian Barnes?
Your post is very Barnes like, if you haven't read him, I guess you won't know why :-)
I love a good book. I read one recently but have now completely forgotten what I have read. That is the problem of not sleeping enough.

Ferdz said...

Wow! There's a new one pala. Last I saw from him was a new anthology. And last I read from him was Kafka on the Shore. I better get a new book from him soon. Aba Hard cover pa yung copy nya!

Sidney said...

Love the quote. I think it is true!

I don't read much anymore...

I regulary want to change my life (style) so I might as well purchase that book and start reading again during my next vacations. 17 days to go... :-)TWO months in Belgium :-))))

my gulch said...

nah, i haven't read anything by Julian Barnes. so if you would be kind enough to explain why my post is very Barnes-like, it would really be nice. ;) i bet it's not even related to postmodernism in literature.

ganyan talaga pag di makatiis pati hardbound pinapatulan na, hehe. after 6 months pa daw kase lalabas ang paperback edition eh. mas luma pa ito sa Kafka, kaya lang late na na-translate sa Ingles kaya 2007 lang na-released.

wow, that's good news. 2 months in Belgium is surely a treat. Oki read your post yesterday and got jealous about your upcoming vacation. She fancies going to Germany someday, all for the sake of a new pair of German Burkinstock (dunno if i got the spelling right).

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