Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The story of a stuborn kiddo who won't get out from her pail


Once upon a time there was a kiddo, named Nana, who likes to take her bath inside a bucket full of water. The mother never bought her a proper bath tub so they put her inside a pail full of water. The kiddo thinks it's ingenious since the pail is almost her size and she can freely play with the woter!. She can't swim like in a bath tub but at least the pail will do. So from then on, she got excited and giggled whenever it's bath time.


But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Her grandmother would always spoil everything by turning off the faucet and say, "Enough, enough...the bath is over!" The kiddo would be then sad and tell herself: "Whaaa, no more wotter?!"


But this kiddo won't give up easily (she's persistent like her Aunt Rayts). She would pose her cutest smile, showing off her 4 teeth and beg her grandmother not to let her out of that pail.


But the grandmother is more stuborn than the kiddo. There's nothing she can do about it. The bath is really over. She will then have to dream again and look forward to her next bath.



Toe said...

Hahahaha! This post made my day. It really made me smile. Your niece is just adorable Rayts! :)

Sidney said...

Cute! I would have cried ! ;-)

Olivier said...

Beautiful and funny story rayts. Pictures are great too. I especially like the second and the last one!

tutubi said...

pasaway na bata
msarap kasi maligo


pieterbie said...

Reminds me a bit of my youngest kid when he was small. We went to stay in a chalet in the south of Belgium when he was somewhere between 2 and 3. He was scared of the bath, but didn't mind bathing in a plastic washbasin that was used to do the dishes, in fact he loved it!
Great photos!

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Isn't it incredible how children can make a systematic action like bathing so incredibly adorable and in the process reveal a maturity and innocence beyond their years?

This reminds me of my own childhood and in the summer months bathing outside in a black bucket as a young fella. That practice was so enjoyable boh my daughters picked up the trait when they were old enough to experience water in that manner.

The simplistic nature is something perhaps overlooked as what is essentially of most importance is the process of learning to bathe for cleanliness. Yet in some other cultures and societies this manner of bathing would be considered less than favourable or not even considered at all.

Awesome images Rayts with a even more lovely little girl.

my gulch said...

saya-saya ko nung kinukunan ko ito. ang ligalig ng batang ito. super. muntik-muntikan nang mabasa ang lente ng kamera.

yea, she could have cried too, but no one would symphatize with her. besides, the water will always ruins her tears. not to mention that my mother is a stone. ;)

merci beaucoup! the second and the last photos are my favorites too. love the skin tone and the details of her fine hair.

super pasaway talaga. at medyo maldita rin 'tong batang 'to. manang-mana sa nanay nya.

kids are weird and loves just about anything as long as it fits their needs. i mean, this kid loves water so much she could probably live inside this bucket.

i love the way you put your perspective in every comment you make here. i wouldn't understand why some other cultures and societies will not favor this manner of bathing but we are all driven by what we think and what we see is fit. conserving water for example, which i personally would adhere too given that i have proper training and knowledge of it. but as they say, kids will always be kids...they live for the pleasure of being one, it's a short time.

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