Thursday, May 17, 2007

Waiting for the coconuts to fall?

Let your thoughts meander towards a sea of ideas.
Then you wait for the coconuts to fall... :-)

He's name is Ricardo. But he prefers to be called Richard as his nick (he thinks Ricardo sounds too serious). He is the office's desiganted photographer. But I often takes the job from him. He used to mind it a lot and whine to my boss (and to us) how sooner or later he'll lose his job because I keep "getting all the exposures" (all pun intended). But he's all okay with it now. I made him understand that I can't just write the articles, I have to choose and take shots of the images that must accompany it.

The other day, I asked him to come along for a sunflower photo shoot in UP Diliman. I told him I needed it for an article I am writing. The sunflowers will be wilting soon so, we needed to get some exposures otherwise, wait for another year for them to bloom. He said I could do it on my own but I insisted for him to come along. I am persistent especially if a certain situation favors me. So there, we went. After I got all the shots I needed, I asked him to go under the coconut tree and pose for me. Yebah.


i got the weirdest dream the other night. it's also weird that i remember the details (so) well. i usually don't.

Shrek 3 is on board this week. Got (wish) to see it. My sister, she got (so) fascinated by the name of Princess Fiona, Shrek's loveydoo in the movie, that she named her first born dowter, Fiona a.k.a Nana (she's the stubborn kiddo i featured in my yesterday's entry).


Sidney said...

What is your job exactly?
I want a job like yours were I can tell my boss I need to go out to take pictures of sunflowers!

This is a dangerous place to stay. You could have killed your colleague… ;-)

pieterbie said...

Love this photo. He looks very relaxed. Far different from a photo an office mate once showed to me. She was also leaning agaings a tree in just about the same way. But all she was wearing was bikini bottoms. I've always wandered why she decided to show me that rather personal photo of herself. But then I have always chosen to remain stupid in such situations and appreciate the photo technical qualities of such images.

rayts said...

there's one more vacant position here, come and get it. the sunflower thingie was just a lousy reason to go out and take photos on official hours. but saying that, i had to (really) come up with a write-up whether i like it or not to justify such lousy intension.
killing Richard from a coconut fall out is a good strategy to annihilate someone, specially if that someone covets his victim's job. harhar!

maybe your officemate knows your cup of tea. a woman leaning in a tree in her bikini bottoms, what a feast! i am sure the technicalities of the shot went way beyond your attention at that time. ;)

Toe said...

Ahahaha... the photographer became the model. :) I agree with Sidney, it seems like you have a great job. :)

Chris Vallancourt said...

He looks nervous -- like Chicken Little waiting for the sky to cave in.

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