Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just don't ask me about the knife, alright?!



Don't ask me. I am bothered too. But I have no time to ask. I just spotted her from afar. It looks near from here, but the lens made it happen. I could ask but the boat was leaving. Maybe she'll try to catch a fish, or scrape some seaweeds, or shells.

"No. Maybe. Just maybe. She'll stab her reflection on the water."

That was exactly what I was thinking.


tony said...

Wow it looks kind of scary!

pieterbie said...

But she is smiling. She doesn't look like she means any harm.
Did you desaturate parts of this photo? Her slacks are in colour, the rest seems to be in B&W.

lino said...

hehe, nice thinking... malay mo nga...:)

rayts said...

it does, doesn't? i was bothered too. but like what Peter said, she was smiling so there's no harm.

man! you are very keen. yes, i desatured her slacks simply because i liked the subtle tinge of color it makes in this particular image. also, the idea of knife and red-colored slacks just make sense to me.

hehe. it's weird but i do that. stab my reflection on the water. not because i hate what i see...but because i hate what i don't see.

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