Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not so much of a photographic merit but a mere choronicle


The past few days have been a hullaballoo. My father was in the hospital due to a kidney problem (or so, that was the diagnosis) but he was confined because his fever won't tire out. I was there practically the whole weekend. I never liked hospitals (who does?). I hate everything that it stands for. If I could get away from it, I would. I even hate doctors and going to them. It sounds foolish but I have been like this since forever.

So anyway, when you're inside the hospital, you're bound NOT to sleep. I was with my mother and often times, I would leave the hospital for coffeebreaks. The last 2 days, I have practically sort out and tried every coffeeshop I could find around the area. Drank every last drop of what they could offer me. Just to stay awake for the rest of the night.

Around 10pm, I was still scouting for my third cup.


I didn't bring any book when I was there so I went to the nearest BookSale shop and found this book by Rachel DeWoskin, Foreign Babes in Beijing: Behind the Scenes of a New China. An interesting read for a price of 40 pesos (less than $1). I've finished a third of the book before I headed to the bus station at around 3am.

Going to South Expressway, the bus got busted and all passengers were stranded at the side of the rode at 4:15 am. The next bus comes around every 15-20 minutes. What's up with that? Most of the passengers were men so there was a slight chance that I could fight my way in for the next bus that would come along. Or so I thought.

When the next bus came, I was really gunning for it. The coffee I drank made me all awake and all-ready to fight. After the running and the struggling, me and my backbacp made our way in. I was in Quezon City around 5:15 am.

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pieterbie said...

I hope your father gets better soon! I really know what you mean about hospitals. I really dislike the places. I had a small operation to one of my fingers a couple of months ago. That was OK. I was in there 1 hour. The doctors and nurses were really nice and cool. We joked while a was on the operating table. It surprised me that I actually had to go into an operating theatre and lay down on an operating table just to have a small obstacle removed from inside a joint in my right ring finger.

You are very right that my fisheye on the 5D is just fantastic. I'll post a photo to prove this in the days to come. While I was in Gent yesterday to get Tom enlisted in the university, I took a picture of the entry to the aula. It was built with the Greek temples as an example. I needed my fisheye to get the whole in. I'm really pleased that I have the full strech of my fisheye now.

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