Thursday, July 12, 2007

Post it and leave it...


I am looking and searching not knowing what exactly I was looking for. Then I looked up and read the post: "Rooms for Rent". It was all poetic, what's inside this head. And you'll never figure it out unless you've seen me first.


My Nikon D80 was delivered last week but I just set-it up last night. I am just finishing up some photos which I haven't posted here. I will go down to business once the rain stops and the weather's good for taking photos. This typhoon we're having is as predictable as it can be. It's all wind today, no rain.

I've seen Peter's photos courtesy of his new Canon 5D and I can't help but enjoy his shots and be amazed. He's making into reality what I have just theorized in mind, which is likely the case when you just read the specs from reviews and websites.


ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
You looking for new diggs Rayts?
I think we're getting some of the after effects of wht you're experiencing there with the weather. The sun is out today but it's still very windy with a stiff coolness in it's passing.
Sorry to read about your father. I hope he is on the mend and returns home shortly.
You some fun to be had in the meantime with your new camera when the weather subsides and lets you venture outside.
Um.... can you explain what FEMALE BEDSPACE is Rayts?

rayts said...

you ever get that feeling when your doing something but your brain is totally not into it? and you look around instinctively searching for something not knowing exactly what you're looking for? that was it. at least that's how i meant by it. so yea, i was literally deep digging (inside my head).

the post is actually looking for a FEMALE BEDSPACER. the "R" is not visible from the angle in which i took the photo but it was all there. most of the posts there are about rooms for rent, people looking for bedspacers with a specific gender or ads for available rooms for occupancy, which mostly are located outside the university.

ndiginiz said...

So what is a bedspacer?
Is that a person who shares a room with someone else and takes up bedspace in that room, like a room mate in a flatting situation?

rayts said...

yea that's right. bedspacers are those who pay for the bedspace in a room so there could be 4 of them in one room (or more). so say for example, there are 4 beds in a room, each is required to pay. in principle, it's like you're paying for the bed and the space that you are occupying.usually, the beds are provided for them already. :-)

Navin Harish said...

nice shot

pieterbie said...

Cool shot, I like the girl.
My 5D is indeed fantastic, but you should never get a kick out of hardware. It does not improve the creativity or competence of the photographer. It just gives him more possibilities. But then some richt people have top material and cannot produce one good photo.
Everything is relative.

Ferdz said...

What's the girl doing with her legs? Congrats on your new purchase. You now have the best matrix metering in a camera on your hand. I'm sure you'll utilize this well. Maganda na pica mo sigurado mas titindi pa! Haha!

darrix said...

D80 is a really nice camera, I'm so jealous right now ;)

rayts said...


i knew the attraction would be on the girl. i can hear Sidney re-echoing the same sentiment, has he been here. i agree with you on your second idea. 100 percent.

ang totoo hindi ko rin alam. akala ko nung una ay nagtataas lang ng medyas pero naka-tsinelas siya. maaring nagkakamot ng legs. tumingin siya sa akin matapos ko siyang makunan. sabi ng mga mata ko, "huli ka!" ;-)

salamat. :-)

luthien said...

magkano? huhu. gusto ko rin.

rayts said...


teks ko na lang sa'yo! hehe.

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