Monday, July 16, 2007

The Vendor


He sells two sticks of cigarettes for 3 pesos and a mint candy for 1 peso. I would see him every Saturday morning under the overpass while I wait for the bus on my way to LB. Sometimes, I would go to him and buy some candies just so I could talk to him. He has this certain aura that reminds me a lot of my grandpa (when he was still alive). He rarely talks and would often give me the faint smile. I bought 10 pesos worth of candies and asked if I could take his photo. He was courteous enough and gave me this.


I saw Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix last week. Well, I didn't like it that much. Not as I hoped it would be. It's a so-so. I mean, between the book and the movie, the latter is a let-down. I was hoping to see more of Nymphadora Tonks but, well she appeared twice or thrice on the screen. Imelda Staunton playing the role of Dolores Umbridge...err, I was hoping for someone else to play the part. She was good as the abortionist in Vera Drake...but playing Umbridge, is a bit way out of place. I guess, she's not that "toad-like" enough (physically and figuratively). She was a bitch in the movie, but not enough to make me repulse her.


TM tots said...

I realized, this is actually the firs time we didn't watch Harry Potter together. I didn't like the movie. I almost dozed off while watching the darn film.

haggis basher said...

Lovely enviromental portrait of the Filipino equivelant of the 'Un touchables'

luthien said...

the movie's saving grace? ralph fiennes. say no more.

tony said...

Very nice pic, he seems very lonely, excellent capture.

pieterbie said...

Great portrait, very good contrast.
Coincidentally I watched HP and the OftP on DVD last weekend.
I realized that I had seen the film from where they go into the maze, but not the bit before.
I must say that I did enjoy it.
It is more action packed than the previous films, it is more serious, less smoochy moments.
I like a good bit of action.

rayts said...

onga no? dati tipong sabay-sabay tayo manood. well, you should go home soon so we could watch the next chapter together. hopely, crackhead would be here too. the 7th book will be release in July. ;-)

thanks! portrait is your thing. i think.

onga. si ralph fienes! at least sa book 6 siya ang bida. i mean yung life story ni tom riddle.

he does look lonely in his little space. maybe that's the reason why i was (so) drawn to him. and he grasped his goods like it's the only possession he has in this world.

oh, it's in dvd already?
so you enjoyed it? hehehe. good for you. this was actually my least favorite of all the HP movies. i am not that keen on how David Yates, the director, segmented the film, i mean higlighting the "highlight-able". less smoochy? well, cho chang and harry kissed in this movie. and there's not much of Quidditch here so...i was a bit sleepy sucking it all in. but that's just me.

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