Friday, July 13, 2007

Starcrossed Lovers


After I'm drunk let each one go his way.
Let us bind ourselves for ever for passionless journeyings.
Let us swear to meet again far in the Milky Way.
- Chinese love poem by Li Bai


Two people who are destined to meet and cross paths but never meant to be together.

Parang ikaw at ako...


haggis basher said...

I think I've seen this one before, but then maybe not.

pieterbie said...

And they have been playing badminton. With real feather shuttles. A lot of synthetic is being used here in mainland Europe, but you cannot beat the real feather stuff.
Nice picture, very sweet, good composition as well.

diong said...

Nice catch... Pati yung text... galeng

Ferdz said...

Awww! Ang sweet naman. Sa UP yan ano? Hehe

rayts said...

well yea. you are indeed very keen. the same subject, different shot, angle.

i thought feather shuttles are for outdoor, and synthetic are for indoor. i dunno. i was just told.

thanks. you mean Li Bai? great poet.

yep. sa UPLB to be Freedom Park, ang Sunken Garden version ng Diliman.

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