Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Come on baby light my fire...


This is cooking rice the old-fashioned way. Smile and giggle included.

The pole is used to stir up the fire. You blow air from your mouth into the pole. You can always use the fan if you hate blowing some "life" into the fire but it's a bit of a trouble since the air is not directed and concentrated onto one area only unlike using the pole. Also, you're sure to get some free face powder from the ashes, not to mention a stiffing arm. So it's better to use the pole.



haggis basher said...

Give a new meaning to the term "Blow Job!"
I've never seen this done before and I've spent quite a bit of time in the boondoc.

Toe said...

Now, I feel guilty. And to think that I'm nakasimangot when I'm cooking rice with the rice cooker!

Hey Rayts... that's the first time I've seen rice being cooked this way. Very interesting... with the blowing and the giggling. :)

Sidney said...

Me too, I never saw this before. But it is ingenious.

Ferdz said...

You really have a knack in using songs as titles. hehe.

Nice photo documenting here. You seem to have used flash here right with the noticeable shadows? Still nice capture

pieterbie said...

Superb,what a great smile that woman has. Love her top with the hearts as well.

Rey said...

Wow... when I was younger I actually experienced this kind of cooking every time I have to go to our small farm where my father wanted me to do some errands(which I used to really resent). There's no electricity there before and we have to cook this way, with earthen stoves and fire timbers, an exact opposite to the convenience of cooking range we had at home.

iskoo said...

nasubukan ko na magluto gamit ang ganyang technology, aba mahirap na nakakaaliw, hehehe.

redge said...

My lolas also do this, including the use of "tubo", when cooking when I was little. They stopped doing it when stoves are finally "in" here in the province.

my gulch said...

you're such an ingenious man. teh idea never even crossed my mind.

yung giggle nakakadagdag ng "fire" so dapat talaga may kasamang ganun. wag ka lang kakanta kase daw mabubyuda ka.

it is ingenious. ;-)

yea, i am all rock. as in bato. hehe. yea, i used flash here, madilim na kase nung kinunan ko ito, madilim din sa bahaging ito ng bahay. hindi maganda ang spread ng light. kaya din hindi nakuha yung kulay ng amber. malamlam sana.

thanks...the outfit, hmm, never noticed that.

kaya laking pasalamat ko at may stove na dahil ayoko ring nagluluto sa ganyan, mahirap!

onga. nakaka-aliw lang sa simula pero badtrip pag tipong gutom ka na eh wala pang kanin kase ang tagal magsimula ng apoy.

actually, the pole comes in different sizes and materials use can also vary, depending on the availability.

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