Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aging and Solitude


Some reckon their age by years,
Some measure their life by art;
But some tell their days by the flow of their tears
And their lives by the moans of their hearts.

- Abram Joseph Ryan

Once I had both: money and youth. Who could ask for more? People loved me. I was happy. I got all the attention. My youth was my salvation, my excuse to every mistake and misapprehension. My money was both my steerer and my stirrer. I believe I could almost do anything, except thinking now, I never thought I would be of this age. To sit and think of the past. Solitude is a nice company. It never asks.

I had all the creases on my face to prove such experience. This permanent crooked smile to prove what I have learned... (-excerpt from some blabber I am writing. about aging. being a woman. solitude. and all the existential stuff)


What I am 20 years from now is already embedded in my head. It's nice to be the sole bearer of this image. No one knows. Sometimes I would smile. But the overcast is simply hard to put aside. I guess it's bound to happen especially when you're adding a year to your age.


Sidney said...

Is it your birthday?
Happy birthday !

Nice self portrait. Bata pa!

This is a beautiful portrait. Nice words to accompany the picture. I hope I can reach this age...

Thanks for the kind words in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Asus....Senti ang isang bata jan.

Advance Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!


haggis basher said...

I'm not so sure this is a self portrait but then Sydney is rarely wrong!

Very nice sympathetic portrait.

rhodyl said...


Ferdz said...

Huy! Happy bertday! Naks naman! Have a rockin year ahead.

Very nice portrait! kitang kita ang details sa mukha nya. And nice words to go along with it.

pieterbie said...

Hey, happy birthday, Rayts!
A good friend of mine has his birthday tomorrow.
I love the portrait.
This woman looks far from bad.

Phil said...

Happy birthday?

Cool portrait, she looks very contemplative. Was this taken close up (ie with her knowledge) or from far off?

rayts said...

my birthday's not until the 18th but thanks for the advance greetings. love this portrait. it's me alright. just have to do some little make-up to put everything in it's right perspective. ;-)

senti talaga pagtumatanda na. hahaha. advance din sayo!

i agree. Sidney is rarely wrong ;-)

enk u!

isang malufet na thank you. sana nga rockin' ang year ko. hehe.

i am sure that "good friend" of yours is a great and wonderful person too. Most August celebrators i know are great! don't you agree??

she knows i am taking her photos. and she won't even dare move. i have a dozen of this kind of shot but this one's my favorite. i like the way she made that faint smile. both sad and beautiful.

Sae-Gyu Jang said...

Long time no see..
Make old woman's wrinkles feel time
Your picture is good still

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