Monday, August 13, 2007

A muggle shutdown...


I would have guessed that every muggle afficionado have already read the last installment of JK Rowling's Harry Potter after its release in July 21. I claim to be a fan, but I have only finished the 7th book last weekend. I bought the book on a Friday, before I headed to Cinemanila International Festival to see Thailand’s entry, The Unseeable. My professor dismissed us early after an hour of lecture so I decided to see at least one entry film. It was a Friday after all.


When I got home in LB on a Saturday, I told my parents not to bug me for two days as I was going to lock myself up. My mother was in a weary mood. She sometimes hates the words that are coming out from my mouth. I went up to the old house to read. No one lives there, so no one would dare bother me. (There are of course the 'unseeable creatures' but we've become friends and acquiantance already). My sister who was persistent that I purchase the book immediately wanted to borrow it that same week so I decided to finish it in two days. Besides, I hate bringing it back to QC because my backpack (with my dslr and my laundry clothes and bedsheet) was already heavy to bear.


I spent my hours in this window grill, which practically made my ass sore so I needed to change positions and places from time to time. Like the sofa, rocking chair, stairways, etc. I love this window. It feels old and homey. I never noticed the bougainvillea before. My father was of course responsible for it.


The couch was old and dusty, nonetheless soft and comfortable for a long and enduring reading. It made me sleep for awhile.


The rocking chair of course which was so comfortable it made me feel sleepy also. By noon time, I was already behind my schedule. The first few chapters were drills.


And so alas, I made it through the Epilogue. I hate being a spoiler but the last few paragraphs in the photo are least of a give away since this comes after 19 years already. When Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione have their own children already. The name Albus Severus didn't seem to be a good combination in my opinion. But I love Snape! I never hated him since the first few books...


My niece wanted to read it next but she's too young to even lift the book. Haha! Her mother would have to steal it away from her using an Elder wand. But then again, I've placed some spells in the book so my niece is protected from her mother. Engorgio!


pieterbie said...

Really cool and personal shots. I love people who are not scared to post personal shots: they have strong characters.
You discomfort made me laugh, I have some good ointment for that here, but then if I send it, you should be better by the time you get it. Massage can help as well, and it is a place you can massage yourself :-)
Thanks for you comments on the guitar picture, I think Tom looks less 'Frushiante' than he usually does, he has just been to the hairdresser and he shaved for the occasion. Getting soft, he is.
But then it paid off, he got a lot of female attention before and after the concert, the lucky...
He plays lead and of course he uses his new Fender Strat. I seem to have forgotten what they were playing, but it was not Scar Tissue or Dani Cali, they didn't do those numbers. I'll have to check the DVD, I was concentrating so hard on the photos that I hardly noticed the music. Could have been "By the way", but I'm not sure. Or maybe it was the intro to Californication, yep, I think it was that. It is their favourite song on stage, I'll mail you why, don't like writing it here in public :-)

Ferdz said...

Ang ganda naman ng old house nyo. Parang ang sarap nga magbasa dyan. Pati rin ba yung mga unseen creatures nakibasa din? hehe

haggis basher said...

I love the old houses but I wouldn't like to live in one. They look like they have lots of holes for the spiders, lizards etc.. to get in. I hate the creepy crawlies in the Philippines!

lies said...

That window grill is amazing! I wish I had something like that!

I thought the epilogue was crap.

Shinji said...

What a cool house!

You're from elbi? Dito ako sa UPLB nag-aaral ngayon!

I also never hated Snape, I just knew that there's more to him than just a bitchy prof.

Congratulations on Finishing Harry Potter! I got sad when I finished it. It felt like my childhood melted away... sniff.

my gulch said...

thanks. my ass is good. ;-)

oo. we've learned to co-exist. minsan salbahe din, minsan behave. sanay na din ako, kasama ko na sila since forever.

well, there are snakes too which we sometimes spotted hangging at the window grill. spiders and lizards are common visitors. we can't shoo them away. they love the house too much.

yea. i think so too. but i reckon, the Epilogue is part of the deal. a part to finally end the series. no more book 8. i just feel creepy hearing the names of Harry Potter's children. It's so cheesy. Why not call one Voldemort? hehe. but it's still a children book. and they like it that way.

shinji, your profile sa blog mo. i am from elbi. same din ata tayo ng course. i am taking my MA in kyusi. maiba naman. btw, thanks for visiting.

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