Friday, August 10, 2007

He stares, she stares, I stare at them...


I am a woman, looking and searching
I pry with elegance and inquire through my silent stare
I blink and men would smile, I cry with style.

I was languidly sitting on the bench, trying to rest my aching feet. It felt like I've walked a hundred miles already and the heat was burning my skin. I looked around and found her.


I went to see one of the entry films in this year's 9th Cinemanila International Film Festival at Gateway Cinema. U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha is a feature film based on Bizet's 19th century opera filmed on location in a modern South African township setting. Obviously, this film is musical but I was too excited to notice that when the movie was starting, I swore I would have walked out the cinema right after I saw a bunch of young soldiers belting behind the iron fence. And oh, I missed Quentin Tarantino during the opening night. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award. I am a fan. How could I miss him?


Ferdz said...

Very nice candid capture. I like how the guy stares and the hand gesture of the woman's fingers and thoughts in her eyes.

Tien said...

you know, i never know how you actually capture these pictures. when i took my camera out, they were already looking at me, shaking their fists in anger...

anyway, love the picture as well. love the way the guy held the umbrella and looked at her with those soft passionate eyes while she stared on to some distant place, oblivious of his affections. or at least that's how i interpret it...

pieterbie said...

cool. She is so pale, not Philipina. But then your picture gives it away. I would have been right :-)
Shame you missed Q

iskoo said...

i hope they are not quarelling, or hmmm, maybe they ar etalking about you. nag seselos yung girl dahil yung boy tumitingin syo, hehehe

Toe said...

Interesting film.. Carmen is one of my favorite operas.

Rayts, you're really a wonderful storyteller with your camera. This shot evokes a lot of meanings.

shinji said...

Cool, I was there nung Friday. Sorry you missed Quentin.

Sidney said...

The young boy is a gentleman...
Nice capture.
Too bad you missed Tarantino!

my gulch said...

love the hand gestures too. i love her hands and nails actually, soft and pretty.

this photo was actually a result of many prior shots. they saw me aiming the camera at them, so I immediately panned. pretending as usual. i wanted a candid shot at the woman.

she's Korean. yea, i believe you would have guessed that. you're very good at this Peter. the last time i gave you a game, you were 1 out of 6! and that correct answer was a give away.

the guy was looking at her. i was a few feet away from them. i don't even think that they are lovers, hehe. the guy walks sexier than me!

thanks! so you love operas? haha. good for you. i hate it. hehe. nakakatulog ako sa mga musicals. pero meron namang na-aapreciate ko gaya ng miss saigon, sound of music, chicago, moulim rouge, etc.

ahh, lucky you! If Pen-ek comes here, I won't miss it. Or say, The Coen Brothers. ;-)

you're back! yea, too bad I missed him. but i saw the photo releases's better than nothing.

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