Thursday, September 13, 2007

Born to be wild...


...wild as in the wildflowers, which I've spotted between and along the trail gaps in my father's garden. This puffy-looking plant is really small and very easy to miss. In some places, I believe this is ubiquitous. I've seen them before but my camera then was not apt to get shots as close as this so they always ended up blurred and dull.


I attended a staff meeting a moment ago, and I swear to god I feel like getting a catnap right then and then. Ahh, I just feel so sluggish today! Coffee isn't working anymore. zzzzzz


pieterbie said...

Hey, this is nice, love the DOF, the colours, the saturation.
So delicate.
Perfect composition as well.

redge said...

these wild flowers are all around our place too. and they actually give more life and color to the surroundings. I should take a photo of these little flowers sometime.

Toe said...

Oh, so beautiful! And I love how you made the background fade away.

Ah, gamot sa sluggishness na 'yan is a really good nap. :)


Oh, these are nice. Got some photos of wildflowers myself in my personal blog, Radioactive Adobo.

- Dylan

Sidney said...

Was this taken with your new Nikon from your office?
Nice DOF.

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