Friday, September 7, 2007

From Being Friends to Enemies



Nana shares her mum's umbrella with Nicole (right) . Nicole lives in the neighborhood and would often play with my niece. Nana seems okay with the idea of sharing the umbrella at first but she wanted to be the one holding it.



Later, the little fella got all flushed on the face and hated the idea of someone holding the umbrella other than herself so she started crying. I love it when my niece gets all red up in the face, she would really cry her hearts out. And no one can stop her when she started belting. Nicole on the other hand, was just playing cool about it. She knows we're watching (me, my sister, her hubby, my mother)


You know I don't play tennis but with the coming 2007 Thailand Open, I am all being perked up. Ha!


redge said...

Very cute kids, especially your niece. Kids are always fun to watch when they play or share with other kids. I also like the way you used the flash and still retain natural colors.

Sidney said...

Hehehehe... you really captured their emotions !
You can see your niece is really angry and Nicole seems to find it quite amusing...

Toe said...

Oh, that is really cute! You tell great stories with your camera Rayts! :)

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