Thursday, September 6, 2007

Summer heat part 2 (and some blabbers)



It's still hot in this part of the country. Also, officially the "ber" month has just began.


This afternoon, me, my boss and a couple more staff from our Section went to Quiapo to buy a new DSLR camera and some equipment for our AV room (amps, home theater, woofers, etc.) I was there as a tag-along (I wanted to canvass a new lens for my camera). We've lost our D70s during a recent trip in Pampanga (culprits broke into our parked vehicle) so we needed a new one.

My two colleagues have always been a Nikon fanatics so way before we got to Quiapo, I knew what they're going to buy. I had been debating with them about Canon and Olympus but one of them said, "You're not a photographer if you're not using a Nikon!" I said to myself, duh...where did that idea come from? My officemates are men. Men with coconuts in their heads :-) (I am not trying to insinuate any gender bias here, just trying to make a valid point).

Our budget was tight so we're left with these choices: to buy 1 Nikon D80 kit + 18-200mm lens or buy 2 Nikon D40x kits. Well, most of you would probably go for the obvious choice right? Come on... a D80 versus a D40x?

My boss opted to go for the latter. She says, it's more practical. Besides, the more the merrier. We have designated photographers in the office (ahem, I am not included, I am just one of the pretending-to-be-one) so the boss said, everyone will have a camera ready to use in case we needed to document two separate events on the same dates. How ingenious.


Sidney said...

"You're not a photographer if you're not using a Nikon!"

I agree 100% with that statement but then I am a man! ;-)

D80 versus two D40x... I think it is a though choice. I didn't tried the D40x but for sure it is a very good camera. I am even not sure you will see any difference in picture quality between a picture taken with a D80 or with a D40x.
But then the D80 has more cool features.

I just upgraded my D70 for a D200. The D200 looks, feels and is more professional BUT my pictures aren't any better... and I spend a lot of money.

I bet a photographer can make the same quality pictures with a D40, a D80 or a D200.

So yes, if it was for my office I would buy two D40X's.

Sidney said...

The BIG quality difference comes from the lenses that you use. The prime lenses (which I don't have because they are too expensive) just give you a superior quality.
The body is not as important as the lens.

Just my opinion and yes... I am a man! ;-)

Diong said...

How about...

"You're not a photographer if you're not using a Leica!"


darrix said...

Hahaha, I'm a Nikon fanboy myself ;) itching to get a D300 ;)

I just got back from a vacation in the West Coast and damn it was so hot there (110 F) I never experienced that kind of heat in the Philippines.

Ferdz said...

Very cool pamaypay series ha. Onga init pa rin lately even if the ber months kicked in.

Hay recently daming spate of announcements on new pro cams. Honestly if I were to choose between Nikon and Canon I'd go for Nikon. Pero of course loyal olympus user ako Hahaha. Three things for a travel photographer like me (1) Light and Compact like their famous analog OM series (2) The Olympus Color which I came to like (which is a matter or personal taste din)(3) We got Leica lenses on our side. :P

Check out Jerry Tieng's Nikon stuff din if you have a future acquisition. Ok din prices nya

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Oh Rayts, I see office politics are the same the world over! I feel for you....
Great street shots Rayts the saturation (in camera?) looks great for my thoughts and brings the vivid colours of a street environment like these into being. I'm amazed at the assortment of goods people in the Philippines seems to have at street stalls and the like. Some of these products look very well packaged etc, are the re-sale items?

To throw another spanner in the works, how about....
"You're not a photographer, until you learn how to see what isn't there which was always there"

pieterbie said...

Nikon, good cameras, but for people who like slow photography and complex machines. I like the speed and simplicity of my Canons.
Both are good, but I don't think you can say that Nikon is better than Canon anymore.
Love these heat photos, you can feel the warmth.
You are right I did mess the trees up in the photo of my son. I wondered if anyone would notice, you didn't dissapoint me, I knew you would!

luthien said...

haha. syempre kilala ko yung nagsabi ng you're not a photographer if you're not using nikon. nung pinakita ko yung nikon FM2 ko, sabi nya ibenta ko daw, it would fetch a good price daw.

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