Friday, September 28, 2007

Of bucks, does, and kids


Hullaballoo. This is the multiplier farm project which was launched that day. The weather was really insane. It was hot the first time I got there, then it rained during the middle of the program, and then it got hot again, then rained again, and then warm again. What a day.


Spotting Peter. There he goes at the back still trying to make sense of what is going on. :-)


Spotted does. A doe is a female goat. A buck is an adult male goat. Kid is a young goat. Chevon is the goat's meat. Anglo Nubian is a goat breed for meat. Alpine is a goat breed for milk. There goes my Goat 101. I need to learn more. They have what they call as F1, F2, and F3...and they are not for racing. These are upgraded goat breeds.


A young farmer. Arnold, 30 is managing his 13-hectare land. Aside from raising goats, he also plants veggies and rice, has a little fish pond at the back, and raises cattle and poultry on the side. You'll never get hungry in his farm.

We've visited at least 6 goat farms in different sites of Pangasinan wherein our farmer-partners are located. Two days of nothing but goats got me all fed up. Our project is on enhancing goat breeds. The first time I stepped into the farm, I can't even recognize what is native from a pure breed; what kind of goats are raised for meat and what are for dairy. I did learn a lot from this visit. Although after rubbing elbows with at least a hundred herds, I don't feel like seeing some more of them for at least a few days. Meeeh!


Jim said...

I remember... F1, F2, bakit 'di na lang sina B1 at B2 para madali maisip, 'di ba?! LOL! those were the days....

Nice photos, i like the colors of the goats! I will surely miss shooting photos of animals, ngayon puro puno at scenery na lang muna... :)

pieterbie said...

Funny, Philippine goats look cute to me. I never find Belgian goats cute. I should come over. Maybe I'll find the people cuter than over here :-)
Have a fine weekend!

Ferdz said...

Mehehee...mehehehe... ahem

But aren't they cute. Especially the spotted ones? :D

Buti pinaalal mo yung mga tawag sa kanila. I almost forgot about it...

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