Monday, October 1, 2007

Dragonfly and ZTE



A dull-looking dragonfly and a man reading a newspaper with the ZTE controversy still on the headline. There's not much of a great connection here, but nothing much make sense these days anyway. We like connecting things, even those that are unlikely to connect. That is one of the idiosyncrasies of being a human being -- trying to rationalize everything.


Sidney said...

“Words make love with one another.”
-André Breton-

pieterbie said...

It doesn't really make any sense, you know. Rationalizing the unrationalizable.
I cannot be bothered.
It is like trying to rationalize that we still don't have a governement, more than 100 days after the elections and that the king has now reappointed the same formator who failed the first time.
The rest of the world is writing that Belgium should cease to exist :-)
That would be funny: me countryles.

lies said...

I love the new splash image!

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