Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sister Act


Two sisters walking under the beating heat of the sun. I immediately notice the difference in the attires. I believe they have ranks and classifications in their Order too.


Another pair of sisters on the road (different from the first photo). They have cans of biscuits wth them. Perhaps, gifts for the children in the convent. I notice their attire was different too.

A nun could be considered as one of the most misunderstood people on earth.

Well, it is understandable since most of us do not have the chance to live with them in a convent. We do not know of their daily routines and what it’s like to be one; even their motives for being a nun have become contestable for some of us that we question even the sight of them in a public place.

How is anyone supposed to get the real, untarnished information about what it is like to be a nun and why some people enter in a nunnery, is so far beyond anybody’s understanding. Unless of course, you become one.


Sidney said...

If you’re willing to take a vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience, your prayers may be answered in a convent. Some sisters live full time at a convent where they spend all day praying in “perpetual adoration of the most blessed sacrament.” Sisters of Mercy get out more, if only to work in schools, hospitals, women’s shelters, and soup kitchens. Still more adventurous are the Sisters of Saint Francis in Syracuse, who get to go all the way to Hawaii, East Africa, and Peru. You have to be Catholic (though there are Buddhist and Orthodox Christian nuns) and neither married nor divorced (God frowns upon that, though being widowed is okay by Him). Go to religiousministries.com to find the right order for you.

The best thing is to go to a monastery and stay there a while. If you feel monastic life tires you, this is natural, it's supposed to be physically hard but you get used to it. If you are having second thoughts about becoming a nun and feel mentally and spiritually drained, then this is not natural(for someone who is truly called to become a nun) it means God probably doesn't want you to be a nun. But if you ask and pray, I'm sure God will give you the strength to do anything your heart wants.

So you want to become a nun Rayts? ;-)

My favorite is of course the second picture. Nice portrait.

Tien said...

i only roughly know of a monk's life. they live a very disciplined life. i simply could not imagine myself following a timetable to the dot. i'm too much a free spirit to do that. the discipline alone sort of makes me respect them. i supposed the nuns also live a discipline life and not only that, i think they are probably one of those who actually touched a person's life when he/she approached the nun for help.

of course i do not pretend to know what they do and the nature of things they are doing :D

pieterbie said...

Do you have any ambitions, Rayts.
I can see you living a life of chastity.

Toe said...

Oh, I knew it... nawala comment ko yesterday. I got dc'd while publishing.

Anyway, I taught high school music for a year in a catholic girls' school. I fought with a total of four nuns within my first month. Was allergic to them after that. But here in Cambodia, the sisters who help the Cambodians are the most selfless, kindest, and most generous people I know.

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