Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Summer Heat


Nothing much to say here except that I will always be attentive to a guy who brings his own umbrella.


My editor tells me that I am getting worst at writing speeches. And that he can't believe I wrote what I have just submitted a moment ago. And then he tells me, he'll clean up my mess. To think it's one of the very few speeches I feel good about. What the heck. Who wanted to write speeches for your boss anyway?!


Kimberley said...

Well firstly Thanks so much for stopping by my blogg and your words Thanks alot! Secondly I love this shot! Oh and I also wonder what his speech would have been like if he had written it himself??

pieterbie said...

Usually you cannot do right.
I know all about that.
But there are ways of saying that you see things differently.
Perhaps your boss needs a lesson in bossing.

Chris Vallancourt said...

The umbrella is a nice touch...I think he's protecting the shirt!

Toe said...

Oh, I don't see why men can't use umbrellas in the Philippines. Mainit nga naman e. :)

Don't be discouraged by your boss. Trabaho nila mang-asar. Just continue doing your best and keep your chin up!

tutubi said...

mainit siguro kaya may payong. pero part ng culture natin pag mainit, ang lalaki dapat mcaho wala payong

nababago na yata :P

Sidney said...

I don't see me running around with an umbrella! Not very macho, isn't it?

Ah, bosses...

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