Monday, October 15, 2007

Coming Home (part 2)


The Baker Hall at night. The facade of the building is flocked with expensive cars and it's hard to pass by in between these little spaces.


The anticipating audience. Ladies and gentlemen, sweltering in their dresses and barong Tagalog. Even the touch of light is warm on the face.


The moment of truth. I just love this part. Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, the guest of honor for the night, holds the hand of his wife, Audrey while the emcee introduces him on stage. They are such a sweet, young couple. Audrey, I am used to seeing her in front of my tv. She's really pretty and thin.


I can't resist. I need to get a close-up of this moment. Zubiri listens intently at the introduction that I thought he's in a teary-eyed mood. But no, he is simply touched.


I was silly not to know that the young Senator Zubiri is a UPLB alumni. He is a graduate of BS Agribusiness Management (batch '90). Prior to that, I was already impressed of his achievements as a senator being one of the authors of the Biofuels Law and an advocate of the environment that I even voted for him during the recent election. But I just don't feel any proximity towards him. But after his speech, I somewhat found the "affinity" (connection?) I've been wanting to see (or feel). Somewhow, I could relate to what he was saying. And I love his prepared speech. Emotional, to say the least. ;-)


My night practically ended after the speech of the keynote speaker. I could not make Crim grab a coffee with me since she was attending a birthday party that night, so I decided to go home. I enjoyed walking at the campus during the night. I loved the yellow bulbs and its unlighted spots. I have known and memorized practically every corner of this campus that it feels like walking inside your own house (without the lights on). The campus turns into a totally different place. It hides its ugly sides and spares me of its truth. But it felt good walking through such familiarity. When I started working in Quezon City, taking a night jog around UP Diliman campus has become a comfort consolation of my longing for UPLB. It didn’t feel the same though.


pieterbie said...

Audrey is indeed a beautiful woman, that senator is a lucky guy.
Good taste you give us of this event. Not easy photos, I guess.
Good to have a homely feeling of where you studied. I don't really have this, I admit. But then I never really enjoyed studying myself, I did because I knew how important a higher education is, but I didn't enjoy going to school at all.

Sidney said...

Indeed Senator Zubiri's wife is a gorgeous woman.

Congrats! You got the guts to take pictures at close range. It seems you were sitting next to him.
Or do you know him personally?

With google it is now easy to do a background check on people.
With politicians I usually put their name in google + corruption + cheating. And then it is quite interesting to read the results of this search.

I don't know Senator Zubiri at all.
Being number 12 or 13 is not the best place in an election... But what I got back as results is not what I expect from a political leader. Too bad...

whatsuplb said...

Thanks for droppping by my blog. Glad to see pictures from this awarding ceremonies. Wasn't there. Yeah, we may have bumped into each other during the Loyalty Day celebration. I was position near the Thai temple. I didn't finish the whole foot parade though. It was just too hot!

pieter said...

nice story and pics to go along with it.

Jim said...

ei rayts, sorry for the long hiatus. didn't know that you don't know--eheheh--that migs is an alumni. I think he's also a member of Ranchers, if I'm not mistaken.

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