Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hanging out at My Crib

After I finished covering the event at UPLB, I texted Crim and asked her if we could grab a cup of coffee somewhere before I go back to Manila. It was was around 10am and the weather was already scorching hot. Not really a good time for a sip but well, it is coffee we're talkin' about here so I really don't care.

We went to My Crib, a nice and cosy coffeeshop, a few walks away from the main campus. I've heard it from a fellow coffeeaddict and she's been recommending me to go there if ever I passed by the campus again. This trip made it possible. Love the place and the ambiance.


I immediately spotted their little signage on my way from the main road (Grove).


That's the mother of the owner-manager of the shop talking to Crim. She's been getting our orders since we got there. She's friendly and accomodating too.


That's the friendly barista preparing our coffees. I love how the place was designed. If My Crib was already near the area during my college days, this would have my favorite hangout.


This is one of their sample menus. Their coffee blends look really promising. But Crim and I ordered the classic cappuccino (tall of course!). I am a cappuccino addict. Yeba!


The inside interior of My Crib. It looks and feels very homey. And since it is airconditioned, even the carpeted floor is conducive for a quick nap.


This is their TALL cappuccino. I call this JUMBO cappuccino. It feels like sipping from a soup bowl. Nyarr!


The room is filled with these soft, orangey bean bags and huggable pillows.


This is Crim getting ready to go online. She wants to show me a video presentation of their Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) project campain which is a part of her MS study.


I decide to go online myself. I love their flat screen. At the left side, there's a viewing room wherein you can watch dvds all day long.



pieterbie said...

Looks like a fun kinda place indeed. Original name, of course "My Crib".
I'm glad you got Crim in the picture, cannot see her face very well :-) but she looks like a nice person to me. But then why should she not be a nice person (think positive).
The BYOB campain is something that you're finding all over the place here in Oostende now.

tutubi said...

nice place you got here. sarap magkape

luthirn said...

oi sa elbi square ba yan?

handyfemme said...

wow, ang ganda at ang cozy!

Tien said...

same keyboard, different flat screen. and the cuppicino looks delicious

Citizen of the World said...

Oh, look! They even painted the wall a la Van Gogh!

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I think that comfortability is a must in targeting patronage for a cafe/coffee shop. This place looks really inviting and extremely comfortable with a aire of relaxation and informality, I'd just like to hang out for a bit!
Really nice images Rayts

rayts said...

it was a stolen shot. she doesn't even know i posted her pic here (or at least i haven't told her yet). i am such a good friend you know. and yes, she is one of the nicest. we've been friends since college.

onga. meron silang brewed all you can pare...tipong paglabas mo ng coffeshop gising na gising ka. hehe

hinde, sa bandang likod ng LB square 'to. Hard to miss, papasok sa dating Ellen's chicken. Si june lang nag-recommend sa kin.

oo...ganda dito. sana magawi ka minsan sa LB pag umuwi ka na ng Pinas.

your pc? oh wow. nice. coffee comes easy when you're online.

onga eh. yun agad una kong napansin pagpasok ko. makulay ang copihaus na ito, pramis. dapat magawi dito si Mahros. ;-)

hi...thanks for dropping by. ;-)

unwritten said...

hoy.alangya, ala ka na bang mapiling mas pangit pang picture ko jan!?!?!




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