Monday, October 22, 2007

Trendy Hat

I attended an event last Sunday. The project was sponsored by the office so we had to be there. So anyway, the boss was not able to make it so he sent a representative (not me). I was there merely to document the event. The word "merely" has becoming an overstated term these days. "I was merely there to shoot photos and take notes!" I was working on a Sunday! Yahoo.

So anyway, I won't tell you much about the event as it's the usual guests-go-to-stage-to-make-boring-speeches type of event. I wrote the speech for my boss which is to be read by his rep so, why bother listening? Okay, I did listen and take notes. The Chancellor was there. Our Mayor was there and some other local personalities from the academe and the local government. There's really nothing much to take notes as most of what they were saying are the stuff that we already know. (I could be alone on this one).

What took my attention really was the trendy hats that were given out to the VIPs. It looks like an octupus with those coconut sheaths hanging in front of your face. What do you think?


I asked Eve to wear and pose for me. Well, as far as I am concern, she looks pretty in it.


Eve decided not to take home the hat because she's got loads of stuff to bring home so I asked for it. At home, I asked Milve, my cousin to wear and pose for me. She hates posing for me but, well, I am older than her so she has no other choice but to obey.


She's turning a year older on the 26th of October by the way.

I did try the hat myself. I had the guts to wear it while walking on the street. No kidding. I get THE look of course. Someone even approached me and said: "Haneps, ganda ng sumbrero natin ah!" (Geez, what a beautiful hat you've got there!).


My night turned into a huge pouch of seemingly "nonsensical" dreams. What am I doing inside a pool of mud while eating a humburger? Or how did a butterfly come out from my heel?


pieterbie said...

I'll be very honest with you: that excuse for a hat look rediculous.
Eve looks good in it, but then she is the kind of woman that looks good in anything she wears. I lould love a picture of you wearing this :-)
Never mind about the dreams, maybe they mean something, but I don't really believe in that. What a bummer: working on Sunday.

Toe said...

Hahaha! Cute hat Rayts! All those "merely"s are actually good opportunities for you. :)

Ferdz said...

Those are indeed trendy hats! Katakot ang galamay. Hehe.

my gulch said...

haha. it does look ridiculous. but i am sure the intention of the person who thought of it is purely for aesthetic purpose. i just hate the tentacles.

alam mo bang palagi na lang akong napapa-merely lately (o di ba rhyme pa). i was merely explaining here. ;-)

yun mismo. yung galamay ang nakaka-badtrip. hirap kaya makakita pagsuot yan. haha. talagang pinagtiyagaan.

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