Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Loyalty Parade


What batch do you belong? Cadet and cadette officers line up in prep for the parade. It's only passed 7:00 am but the sun is already beating me to death.


Here comes the green! Faculty, students and staff of the College of Agriculture marching in full force. I am (so) endeared by that Thai Pavillon at the back. I wonder why.


My college, yey! Here comes the College of Development Communication raging with their red balloons.


High schoolers. Students from UP Rural High with their faces marked with blue 7 and 8.


Big yawn. The parade is just starting and someone is already bored to death somewhere in the crowd.


Loving the munch, not the parade. The little fella was stuffing himself with a tiny bread. Mouth wide open, he munches while watching the parade. I doubt it if he even cares what the people in front are doing. I guess munching the muffin is way much important

I am currently loaded with articles/speeches to write. And publications to layout and finalize. And right at this moment, I am praying I would finish them all before I leave for my most anticipated two-week vacation.

I am starting to miss my old, pessimistic self.


pieterbie said...

Hey, I love the girls from UP Rural High, they are cute.
Great eye view witness photography, Rayts.
I wonder why you miss your old pessimistic self? Why not just enjoy your new optimistic self?
I'm rooting that you'll get your work done.

Regis said...

Love the yawn :)
Looks like not everyone is enjoying the show so much !

Citizen of the World said...

Was that a gift from Siam, that mini pavilion?

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