Thursday, October 4, 2007

Smashing that fat Pumpkin


The office did an initial screening for the Best Agri Harvest contest. So far, this huge pumpkin bagged the first position for the "kalabasa" category. I wonder when this fat pumpkin will turn into a beautiful horse-drawn carriage so I can drive away with it.


haggis basher said...

From the expressions on the guys faces I think its safe to say that this is flipping heavy!

Sidney said...

Impressive pumpkin.

Soon, Rayts... soon. But remember to be back before midnight.

pieterbie said...

You need to find some mice as well.
This is one big vegetable.
I'm glad I don't have to lift this. I like pumpkin soup, but this could represent an overdose.

luthien said...

whoa! ang laki-laki!

Ferdz said...

That's huge! And judging from their expression, it's heavy as well. Hahaha! Kelangan ata ng fairy god mother for that.

Say hi to Toe for me when you meet her in Pnom Penh. :D

darrix said...

It's pumpkin season here in the US too ;) I might just post some pics (if I have the luxury of time). Kew shot by the way ;)

Citizen of the World said...

O.M.G. Ang sarap gawing Halloween lantern! O kaya para mas masarap, pumpkin soup!

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