Thursday, February 7, 2008

Night is the blotting paper for many sorrows

top of the office

View from the roofdeck of the office, trying to get some fresh air, trying to justify why I am STILL at the office at 10 in the evening. ;-/

"In my age, as in my youth, night brings me many a deep remorse. I realize that from the cradle up I have been like the rest of the race - never quite sane in the night." - Mark Twain



Anonymous said...

I miss QC circle! ;) ganda talaga ng shot! :D

my gulch said...

hi jim!
miss mo na ba talaga? hehe. na-aapreciate ko lang ang place na ito sa gabi, and usually when I am at the roofdeck. mas maganda siya nung holiday season kase ang daming ilaw sa daan. ngayon din na masyado.

Sidney said...

I am also wondering what you do in the office at 10 pm... ;-)

Nice night shot... you would get sentimental / or not sane for less ;-)

my gulch said...

err, because of a meeting!? ah no, i need to "socialize" because it's part of the job. hmmm. i could actually sneak out and leave but then, my boss kept on asking for me (oh not me but the camera I was holding)so much so that the only "sneaky" way out is to go outside and look below and stare at those yellow lights.

and yes, you are certainly right. having this job has put me in a lot of "sentimental/not sane" moods. :-)

haggis basher said...

I don't know much about Sanity but a good dose of Insanity certainly makes living (especially in the Philippines) that much easier.

Anonymous said...

Lovely colour contrast, it's very easy to get this sort of thing either too dark or too yellow. Or rather it seems very easy for me to do that, you appear all too proficient at getting it right, dammit!!!

pieterbie said...

I'm sure you have a good reason for still being at the office at 10 PM. I like this photo, don't know why exactly, but I like it.
It has segments of black, but yet I consider it to be a 'warm' photo.
I should see if I can get up on the roof of my office block. I'm sure there are a lot of terrific photos to be made there, as I work smack in the centre of Brussels.

pieterbie said...

BTW: the spire in my Brugge photo is indeed that of a church. You can see by the cross right of the spire.
The gables in the foreground are just plain houses.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I have never read or heard that quote before but I'm impressed by the relativity it has to the nature of people in terms of night and day.
I have to admit to not imagining the Philippines like this at night time although I'm sure there is a part of your country that does exist in my imagination of night.
This image has a warmth about it like that of a humid spring evening with rain lingering in the highlands off in the distance. the streets are incredulously wide which infers a transports system teeming with a population of vehicles at optimum times of daily life.

my gulch said...

insanity that is. i guess we needed that every now and then.

wow, you always make it sound like i am 'proficient' enough. THANK YOU, for always making me feel i've done something 'right'. dammit! :D

the reason is WORK. now whether it's good or not i do not know. everyone can just say no. afterall, it's beyond my call of duty but then again, it's the boss requiring so what a poor staff like me to do?

i think in every crowded and busy-looking streets such as Manila, night time has always been the best time to take a 'quiet photo'. the streets sleep too and with those yellow lampstreets covering the hideous parts, I guess it looks way better during the night especially if you are looking from the top. thanks for that brooding comment. ;-)

Chris Vallancourt said...

Night is my favorite time to photograph - it requires patience and a willingness to experiment with different exposures

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