Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We went up north last week and gloated to our hearts' content with what Pagudpud Beach has to offer. Tagged as “Boracay of the North”, this beach is no stranger to local tourists.

The beach is located on the northwest tip of Ilocos Norte and is bounded to the south by the town of Bangui and to the east by the Cordillera Mountain Range and Cagayan Province. To the west and north, lies the South China Sea.

From Manila to Laoag (the capital city of Ilocos Norte) it is about 350 miles (10-12 hours drive). Except for the long, exhausting travel from the city, I guess everything is pretty much worth the time and effort. All around, the ocean and sky are saturated in varying shades of blue (my favorite color).

Powder white sand, deep blue sea, pristine water set against the luxuriant hills and mountains--

Best of all-- it was just us, the beach, and a few other foreign tourists savoring the same wondrous paradise we are enjoying. The sun was blazing hot making the blue deeper than the usual, and the sand whiter and more powdery. The place provided the best set-up to take tons of photos.

But let me pan the camera a little and switch the focus…not on the beauty of the island but to the lens and the eyes who were taking the photos. :-)

THE SUBJECT: Pagudpud Island, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Pagudpud Island

THE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jay, Miks, Rayts, Dax, and Eve


Jay trying to hit the jackpot with his four eyes.


Miks' eyes obviously need some shade to see better beyond those overexposed white sand.


Rayts: There are always two people in every picture, the photographer and the viewer. (Thanks Jay for the photo)


Dax likes to borrow everything: my cap, Jay's camera, and a photographer's pose. :-D


We all feel Eve, especially with that Yoko Ono's classic hairdo.



Toe said...

Oh, I luvvvit! Portraits of photographers hard at work! Very innovative idea. You guys must have fun doing something you love together at such a beautiful place.

Oh, and I like the cap Jay borrowed from you. :)

haggis basher said...

Your not joking about the long drive!! I did it last year and when we finaly arrived in Laoag we where exhausted. The only problem was the 14 hour drive back home 2 day's later!! I love the first shot, its good enough to tempt me back again one day.

pieterbie said...

That white sand must be pretty tough in the eyes indeed.
Love the remark about the Yoko Ono hairdo, love the woman's smile as well, so self asured.

Your remark about the blue eyes in my portrait made me smile.
I don't stop to think that something like blue eyes are not common in some places of the world.
My God: I have uncommon eyes :-)

kyels said...

I like the first photo; it's serene and beautiful! There aren't many beaches in Malaysia and the one frequented are Redang Island and Perhentian Island b/c they have powdery white sand and aqua blue sea pero the packages there are expensive.


Anyway beautiful shots of people too.

Ate, from Manila how do you get to Pagudpud Beach?

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
You are all Nikon users.
That makes you guys a club of sorts doesn't it?
Really great shots, all of them.

Ferdz said...

Very nice series. For a change, photographers naman ang highlight. And what a perfect place to do a photo safari.

Sidney said...

Glad to meet you at last... now at least we get a face that is not hidden by the camera!
I don't know why all those photographers always take self-portraits hidden behind their cameras.
Everybody could understand that I do this (with my ugly face) but not pretty people like you.

Wow! Serious photographers at work!
I have a tripod but I am too lazy to lug it around. I admire people who do carry around their tripods!
I love photography but I hate to carry things on a hot day... so one camera, one lens and one spare battery. I even tend to intentionally forget my flash at home... ;-)

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