Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A FRIEND is someone who knows all about you, and still likes you


I was told that the number of friends you have tells much about the kind of person you are.

Do you agree?



lies said...

It probably does say quite a bit about one's personality, but do we really want to know what?

Anonymous said...

I dont agree fully, it says "the quality of the friends you have...". Kakatuwa naman yung picture mo, hindi alam ng 2 mama ito!

the donG said...

agree! agree! im sure the word "friend" here means real and genuine friendship.

pieterbie said...

Don't agree.
Friendship cannot be measured. When is one a friend?
Do you need physical closeness to be friends? What about internet friendships?
Good illustration!

Ferdz said...

whole heartedly agree. Ganda ng shot. It has so much character. Tas ganda pa ng setting. I remember yung shot mo sa two kids way way back when you were in china. Kinda reminds me of that.

rayts said...

Hi Lies!
it's good reading your comment here. i just realized i have more friends now than i was before and thinking back, it does tell much about my personality then. i am not still fond of big groups but at least now i can face them without batting an eyelash. do i really want to know what? well, a big portion of me says "yes" but you know me, I like to analyze things a lot.

di nga nila alam, hehe. nasa likod ako at nagkukuha ng mga snapshots ng mga foreigner na nandoon sa lake. nakakatuwa kase mukhang super serious ang mga pinag-uusapan nila.

yes, "real and genuine" and i am sure you'll agree that you'd rather have ONE genuine friend than a BUNCH of shallow ones.

i do not only measure friendship, i also level and categorize them. i am sure you treat "a friend you met online" differently from "a friend you've known all your life"... ;-)

Ahh, you're back from your trip. Nag-Vietnam ka pala, hehe. Galing. Thanks sa comment.

kyels said...

When it comes to describing friends or counting how many I have; I always look upon this quote - Making a thousand friends in life is not a miracle. The miracle is to have a friend who stands by you for a thousand reasons.

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