Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lake Bulusan: Vastness in its various angles

I’ve talked about the local people I’ve seen and observed while we were in Lake Bulusan but I haven’t posted anything that would give you an idea of how “vast” this lake is.

Nature lovers dubbed this lake as the “Switzerland of the Orient" due to its rich vegetation and idyllic mixture of the wildlife. The area retains much of its pristine environment since 1962 wherein it was first developed as a tourist center. Geologically, the lake is estimated to be 374 years old. Swimming in the lake is discouraged due to schistosomiasis (parasitic disease), but many of the locals there didn’t seem to mind at all.

Bulusan Lake1

View of the lake from the main dock. Tourists can actually rent these colorful kayak boats and row around the lake. Oki and I tried it and it was exhausting. But it was fun. A closer encouter with the lake, I get to see and feel its 'vastness' on the dot.

Bulusan Lake2

View of the lake from the otherside, 1003 meters from the dock. In this part, I notice a lot of yellow leaves floating on the water.

Bulusan Lake3

View of the lake from the side, the same spot where I sat and observed the boy on his raft and the shrimper.

Bulusan Lake4

View from the left side of the lake, a few mire walks to the center of the perimeter.

Bulusan Lake5

This is my favorite spot, somewhere at the right side of the perimeter where the vegetation is so rich and thick that I could hardly find a nice spot to see a portion of the lake. But the vegetation sure did provide a nice frame for this shot.

To appreciate the lake more, we decided to walk around the lake. This lake has a circumference of 2,006 meters and it took us a 45-minute walk to finish the whole perimeter. The walk was enjoyable because of the cold weather and the lush forest containing orchids, ferns, and flowers which we saw along the way. I felt some drips of water coming from the trees which was so refreshing.

I was often being left behind the pack simply because I need to stop and take pictures in moments where I find some astounding view of the lake. The rich vegetations just provided the nice framing for my shots.


the donG said...

i love kayaking. we just did it in calayo batangas. it's a cove connected to a river.

as usual, very good photo shoots rayts.

Ferdz said...

Maganda! Malamig din ba? I think that's also a place where you can cathc those small fishes. I forgot the name.

Somehow, lakes are a bit frightening than sea or rivers for me. Napa calm kasi tignan, palagay ko napaka lalim. Hehe

luthien said...

ay...looking at your photos make me wanna buy an SLR. just bought a new digicam that goes manual everything. hehe. DSLR is just too expensive for me now since i know i won't be able to pursue photography seriously because of my sched. haaay.

nga pala, si Other Half ang umaattend ngayon ng photog classes sa heritage lib. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

rayts, rayts, rayts, nanalo ka ke jun lana. whopee!!!

rayts, kung kelangan mo kotse para ma pick up yung books mo, puwede ako mag volunteer? gusto ko lang talaga makita si jun.

grabe, exhilirated ako, pano pa kaya ikaw?


nag pm ako sa peyups ng cell number ko (assuming, hehe)


ate sel

kyels said...

I love the third photo; it's really beautiful!

It's vast, very.

Somehow I find that Pinas is magnificent; the nature and what the island offers.


pieterbie said...

I simply love those colourful kayaks! Looks like a great piece of nature, the raft is cool as well.
Great nature photography, you are really good at that!

Toe said...

OMG! Ang ganda! I can imagine that the place must be full of myths and legends of engkantos and fairies as well as sea monsters. :)

It really is vast.. para na siyang dagat... but very very enigmatic.

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