Friday, June 6, 2008

Cable Wakeboarding in CamSur

Standing still at the viewers area, I was exulted watching a group of professional wakeboarders doing their aerial tricks on a six-hectare water complex. With just a long cable holding them up to move around, they seem to master their stunts every turn of the loop. I don't know much about the names of the various stunts but watching alone, one could learn a lot from the simplest maneuvers down to the most poised way of plunging into the water. Sure, they were fun to watch but trying it yourself is another thing. A challenge if I may just say so.

We went to CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) not only to watch and take photos but to experience the thrill ourselves. We’ve been hearing about this place and how fun wakeboarding is, so we decided to try it out. I've tried reverse bungee jumping before so, this would be easy. Or so I thought, hehehe!

CWC is a unique watersports park designed especially for those who love wakeboarding, wakeskating, and waterskiing. It officially opened in May 2006 making Camarines Sur as the first world class watersports complex in Asia. No wonder tourists from here and abroad are pouring in.

Since we’re beginners, we have to start with the kneeboarding which was fun and as exhausting as the actual wakeboarding. I enjoyed the splash and the plunge. Truly. It took me at least three rounds before getting used to the turns and the loops. After that, I was exhausted and I could not bear another round.

The next day, I had the worst shoulder and back pains ever, not to mention that my sore hands . Oh well, no pain no gain.

kneeboarding for starters

Kneeboarding for beginners.

changing rope position

Changing rope position from the back.

slicing technique

Slicing through the water.

feel the splash

Feeling the splash.

high jump1

After the flip.

high jump2

Check out the tattoo.


I found out the other day that I won the Jun Lana book contest in his blog. I get the whole box of books from his precious collections. How cool is that?


the donG said...

wow! really nice shots here rayts! galing! i wonder if you also tried it. i never tried wake boarding yet.

pieterbie said...

That is cool, Girl, that is real cool! I'm so pleased for you.
So where are the photos of Rayts kneeboarding?
Water sports are fun!
BTW: I've been meaning to say for several days now: love your new header.

kyels said...


I like the photos; really awesome! Smashing na!


I'd love to try it too one day, definitely.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Some great action/sports shots Rayts! Really like the energy in them. I'd still like to get round to doing this stuff, I'm a fast learner (even if that is a biased opinion), but I just have never seemed to be able too.

Jim said...

Wow action shots! :) Galing, I like it! :)

rayts said...

Hi Dong!
yup i tried it pero kneeboarding lang. yun muna kase ang allowed para sa mga beginners and non-prop. pag marunong ka nang mag-navigate at mag-control ng rope and grope, pwede ka na sa wakeboarding. masaya siya!

i hold the camera so most of the time i am not in the frame. by the time i chose to try the sports, everyone was excited that no one bothered to take our photos.

thanks for loving the header, Peter.

kaya mo ito! hope you'd try this sport one day.

i have no doubt that you can do this. energy and stamina is a must, otherwise, one is (always) bound for the huge plunge.

i am sure meron nyan dyan sa Australia, hehe!

the donG said...

ill really go for it! but we will try surfing in the meantime. we are scheduled to learn surfing by end of july. but im also looking forward to wakeboarding.

have you tried submitting photos for magazines? pang metroactive ang ganitong mga shots.

my gulch said...

hi Dong!
yea, you should. surfing? astig. goodluck!

have i tried submitting photos for magazine? honestly, no i have not. di pa ko ganun ka-confident sa mga shots ko. saka i don't think action shot is my niche. hehe. but will try to experiment more. thanks

Toe said...

Wow, amazing action shots Rayts! :) You are really good at this... hindi lang scenery. As for submitting to magazines... I think that you have been long ready for that!

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