Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Only a (real) bookworm could understand such charge

Yesterday, we met with Mr. Jun Lana (yes, D' Palanca Hall of Famer and D' Award-Winning Screenwriter) to pick-up the box of books which I won from joining a book contest in his blog. Sel and Zoe were kind enough to offer us a ride to take home the books from Ortigas to QC where I live. Sel was the one who informed me about this contest so technically speaking, she owned half of the price (which she never 'insisted' on having, by the way...balato lang, hehe!). Oki went along simply because she was eyeing for some of the Haruki Murakami books I will get (and more!). Nat, who got the second price (3K-worth of Powerbooks GC which was given to him in cash because Jun ran out of GC), was there too. He told me he is an avid fan of Mr. Lana, which was to be expected. I think everyone in this field is "aspiring for a Palanca". And those who have achieved the high rank are worthy of being adored. They won't be there for nothing! :-D

box of books

A Treasure of Gold Found. Djadan! This is the balikbayan box full of books which Jun Lana presented to us immediately after he opened the door to his apartment. This might sound a bit exaggerated, but my heart skipped a bit after seeing the box (no kidding). hehehe! I could have screamed and jumped to my hearts' content at that very moment I saw it but thought otherwise due to some little propriety I have. I opted to compose myself. You see, I never owned that much number of books in a day. And for free??? Come on. I must be the luckiest person! Oh hell yea...I was.

tower of unread books

The Two Towers of Unread Books. Okay, it was Jessica Zafra who said it first in Twisted 8 but you see, immediately after Zoe, Sel, and Nat went home, I started piling my "new possessions" into two towers. I have arranged them according to "my priority of books to read" the bottom being the first book in the queue. Okay, granting that I am a sloth and I have barely time for reading these days because of work, grad school, and extra writing jobs, I am very positive that I will be able to pass my 2books-in-a-month-challenge. So with more books to read, I guess it would not hurt to read (at least) 3 books in a month! How's that for a challenge?



Real Treats. Most of the books inside the box are fiction (gen fic, young adults, chick lit, etc) a few travel books, and a bio which were awesome. But underneath the box, I found some books on digital videomaking some which I consider a "must-have-books" if you are a film buff. You'll never go wrong with Roger Ebert (my opinion only). I've been wanting to produce a film-docu one of these days and having these books is a good start.

So again, THANK YOU Jun Lana for these treats!



Ferdz said...

Naku! Well deserved win! masusulit yang books na yan sa yo! Ang swerte. I would also jump for joy when I see all those books. I could see some familiar titles there.

Will be looking forward to your Mt Kinabalu account :D

kyels said...

Wow! I'm so jealous of the prize you won! I can already count how much it'd cost if I buy so many books in one day, ate ... Damn. Pero, you're really really lucky!


I see Khaled Hossini and Neil Gaiman! Both of them are my favourite authors too.

handyfemme said...

haha gusto ko yung pile sa left side. Maganda yunG Rashomon, btw. :)

Uwi pala akong Sept.! Kita tayo. ;)

Jim said...

my daughter will love you! we started noticing her love for books when she turned 5 and now she's turning 7 and she's just insatiable hunger to read and read and read... that's why most of the times, I don't mind buying her books after books or heed her request to go to the library!

Anonymous said...

ey rayts, that was a fun night!

actually muntik ko na talagang nenukin yung rashomon at sundance. kaya lang di ba, ang style ko ay "manghiram" at "makalimutan" magsoli.

i see blankets is part of your list. quick read lang yun. but the thing with graphic novels kasi is that the illustration yields more than the text (hehehe. natawa ako, parang DUH itong statement ko)

it was nice meeting you guys, including the ever pogi Jun Lana


ps. now zoe understands that there can be people who are more maniacal when it comes to books as compared to me.

TM tots said...

now i will borrow some books when i go home ha?

pieterbie said...

Lucky you are indeed, congrats.
A treasure!
I need to go out and buy a few books to get me through my holiday week. I'll be visiting the Gironde in July. Cannot wait!

my gulch said...

Hi Ferdz!
salamat sa pagsasabi na "well-deserved" ko sila. i am still blown away kase, hehe. Sana lang talaga maakyat ko ang Mt. Kinabalu, sana lang!

thanks Kyels!
It's really a delight to have so much books in a day. Never been so thrilled myself. I wish you're just a door away so that i could let you borrow them. by the way, i haven't forgotten your Batanes cd. I check the video stores all the time, but they don't have the copy yet. will send you when it is released, okay?

Kamusta Angel!
hehe, alam mo bang ilang araw kong binalik-balikan yang Rashomon na yan sa A Different Bookstore? at dahil 700+ siya, hindi ko mabili. laging may dahilan para di ko mabili. yun pala, makakakuha ako ng libre. sana naghintay din ako sa The Double ni Saramago. Sige ba, kita tayo pag marami kang libreng oras. discuss natin si Murakami hanggang mawalan tayo ng ulirat! hahaha.

I love your daughter! magkakasundo kami. lately din lang naman ako nakakabili ng sobrang daming books. noong meron na akong purchasing power. puro hiram din lang ako dati. mukhang may pinagmanahan ang daughter mo ah.

Hi Sel!
hahaha. natawa naman ako dun. salamat din sa libreng hatid at dinner. masaya ako na nakilala na rin kita sa wakas, Arwen! regards kay Zoe!

uy Tet!
Of course...ikaw pa!

thanks Peter!
you are a bookworm i know you'll understand the giddy burst. Goodluck on Gironde. wow, i am excited for you.

the donG said...

lucky! lucky! i like the comic novel. i hope i get to win jun's comic novels.


handyfemme said...

Haha yung kopya ko ng Rashomon photocopy lang, he he! Kasi yan lang tsaka in a grove yung required reading dun sa klase ko last sem, he he. Pero bibili rin ako nung kopya ko in due time.

No prob re: murakami discussion. Haha, Kahit ibang modern authors game ako, haha. Para ma-review ba. ;) Send ko sa email mo yung phone number na gagamitin ko pag umuwi. Sa LB ka ba ngayon?


Toe said...

Okay... never mind the wakeboarding, Lake Bulusan, etc... this really makes me green with jealousy. :) What could be more exciting than two towers of unread books? :) Hahaha.. at siempre, kasama pa rin si Oki ha. :)

Citizen of the World said...

I am SO going to die of jealousy.

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