Thursday, July 10, 2008

I think it's natural for every one to be a vagabond occasionally

yellow sun

That day—I sat the Indian style,
on the moist grass in front of a yellow, cold beam.
I was in control, in silence facing the dying light
yellow, red, orange—they seem to slowly fade.

Streak, seeping through my eyes trying not to blink
wanting to see everything from here, to now
I need to see everything.

Slowly, the sun goes down the beam fading
I am fading.

- raytsdc (8/20/05)

[fragments of thoughts...]

...he was smiling the whole time while i talk. like a smirk that he tries to hide whenever i notice him. he was good at hiding. but he can never fool me. not this time. i knew the reason behind those smiles. heck, i really wanted to smile back.

...sometimes, i get (really) affected by what other people have to say about me. how can i not? they expect too much.

...i am climbing the mountain not to swank. while others need the adventure, i need this for my own privation. adventure only comes second. plus, what's better than climbing a peak with your best buddy, right? the only person who (i think) knows me best.

...i won't be in the office for a few days. i am off to the south again. so, no update until then.


the donG said...

enjoy your trip down south and make sure to bring home some photos.

Ferdz said...

Ganda din ng silhouette ng mga objects especially that electric tower.

Uy! Best buds pala kayo? Enjoy yan. Looking forward to that climb. (Yun ba yun?) enjoy your time down south.

pieterbie said...

An awful lot of colours, shades in this one. Funny, I was having these kind of thoughts when I was watching the setting sun in Soulac. I also took a photo of it. You'll have to wait a little while to see my photo though.

kyels said...

I like the shades of colours in this photo. Beautiful sunset from your perspective.


Anonymous said...

Lovely sunset picture really nice contrast.

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