Monday, September 8, 2008

I live for coffee and a mouthful of indigestible words for breakfast


Boring meetings, they could get you down to your deepest core. Thank god for coffee! I could have snored in the middle of the discussion. My boss is in Spain hoping to ride the night train to Germany and I was here, cowering in the midst of fireball and flurry.



Toe said...

Oh... my goodness... the boredom was captured perfectly. I can totally relate. :)

Photo Cache said...

pic and text are perfectly matched. the pic is terrific.

my gulch said...

Hi Toe!
He was sitting in front of me. Double that boredom and you see me. For awhile I thought the coffee wasn't working anymore. I am such a bad worker!

@photo cache:
thanks! i always find things to match. a bad habit, really.

the donG said...

im really not a coffee person. but in times like this, ill take a cup but i cant reach three cups or else ill have a headache.

kyels said...

We all need coffee in the morning di ba? It's like a power booster for me to start my day w/a cuppa.


pieterbie said...

Great shot, I recognize it somehow. What do I do during boring meetings? I get out my BlackBerry and start replying to some email.

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