Tuesday, September 9, 2008

View of Kota Kinabalu from the Signal Hill

from the signal Hill with view of the South China Sea

Town center with the view of the South China Sea at the background

hotels and other tall buildings

Atkinson's Clock (left side) is barely seen amidst the skyrocketing hotels and buildings.

town center

This was taken during a fine Saturday morning (around 9am), thus the smooth traffic.

Prior to our climb to Mount Kinabalu, Charl and I stayed in Kota Kinabalu (KK) for three nights. We roamed around the city during our first day and visited some of its landmarks.

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah, Malaysia which is located in the northwest coast of the Borneo Island. Formerly, the city was called Jesselton. It’s not appropriate to say Kota Kinabalu City because “Kota” means “City” according to our travel guide/companion, Rahim who provided us some historical insights about the city. I failed to hear some though because I was busy taking photos.

Our first stop was the Signal Hill Observatory (Bukit Bendera), a roofed platform where you can see the Kinabalu City and the South China Sea. Rahim said that the Signal Hill is the best place to introduce KK to tourist, as it offers a bird’s eye view of the town center as well as distant look of the Tanjung Aru and Likas Bay areas.


You are a looking-glass world.
You are the hidden place that opens to me on the other side of the glass.
I touch your smooth surface and then my fingers sink through to the other side.

I started reading Winterson's Powerbook last night and found myself engrossed to it. I poured myself into it until my eyes gave out. Her facility with the language amazes me, a keen intellect that shows in the way she presents new ideas and describe what I thought was indescribable. It has been a long since a book affected me this way. Maybe, she eats words for breakfast.


the donG said...

this place is progressive. the structures seems good.

Photo Cache said...

i am perpetually fascinated with shots from above showing the roofs of bldgs. it's a beautiful sight and the colors are fantastic.

my gulch said...

slowly progressing, yes especially now that this part of the Borneo Island is now one of the states of Malaysia. still the culture in KL and Sabah still belongs on both ends.

photo cache:
yea, me too. i actually like high places. i wish the Signal Hill is much higher.

Ferdz said...

We were planning to go here din sana per di natuloy. Parang dami ng developments since I went there ah.

kyels said...

Sabah seems to be rather developed. Not as great as Kuala Lumpur pero good enough. Well, the beaches there are beautiful too. Did you manage to visit any?


pieterbie said...

Great light and good colours. Nice cityscape!

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