Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We always bring bitter smiles when we leave

going away


I don't know how to compose a (good) narrative for this image but it pretty much says it all--the act of going away and leaving someone behind. I like how the ripples create that subtle stir on the water. So silent and yet so perceptible. Almost like a hushed hill in the midst of a busy cityscape. A thief tiptoeing in the middle of the night. Trying to ease the stride but never out of sight.

Who do you want be? The person who leaves? Or the person being left behind?


Ferdz said...

Hi Rayts! I don't know if this posts is talking to me on what I'm feeling right now on a personal matter. Like on the last question there.

Anyways it's a great photo. Thanks for sharing it.

my gulch said...

hi Ferdz!
thanks for posting. you know, one of my reasons for putting up this blog is not only to become an extension of myself but also for others. you can always treat my post as your post. as to the questions, well you know me, i like to throw them every now and then, even though i have no specific person/people that aiming for. sometimes they are rhetoric, most of the time it's my way of bending.

the donG said...

hi rayts, i always want to be the person who leaves. its quite painful to see someone leaving but it is also painful to see people sad seeing you leave.

quite an irony but very real. nice reflection.

kyels said...

I rather be the one who is being left behind b/c I hate leaving ... Especially when it comes to r/s.

Nice photo!


Photo Cache said...

Funny I have brought up the same question to myself when my entire family left for America and I was left behind. A year later I was the one leaving my friends behind for good. And in my case I would rather be leaving than being left behind. Being left behind sucks to the high heavens.

pieterbie said...

I want to be the one who leaves, of course. Heading for adventure, heading for the discovery of new places, new tastes, new people...
Being on the water has always had something romantic for me.

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