Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Partly hidden

partly hidden

When we were in Kota Kinabalu, we visited the Filipino Market, which is situated just in front of the Le Meridien Hotel. We passed by the fresh fruits and food section looking for this particular fruit that my officemate wanted me to buy for him. As most of the stalls were not yet open, we decided to stroll around and found ourselves hanging out at the fish port which was located at the back of the market. It was at this moment that I found her--a woman sitting at the dock fishing under the beating heat of the sun. I tried catching the moment. But she wouldn't look at me. I pushed myself and got close to where she was.



the donG said...

nice shot rayts. sana makapag set tayo ng mga bloggers meet one time along with oggie, ferdz.

i like portraits pero mahirap kumuha ng mga ganitong shots pag point and shoot lang ang gamit.

kyels said...

The colors blend in really well together Rayts. Beautiful photo.


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