Monday, October 20, 2008

She gives, then she laughs

buy guavas for me?

…could it because I look funny? Or was it because the instance was funny? I think it's both.

Anyway, I bought a kilo of her guavas and ate them with gusto. The guavas are sweet. She's a nice lady.



[Istarbaks, Congressional]
napapansin ko napapadalas ang daot ko. kundi lumalaklak ng kape, madalas nakatingin sa kisame. wala lang. yung thesis proposal ko wala pa ding porma. may isang sociology prop na ang nag-offer ng tulong sa ‘kin para lang tapusin ko na ang thesis ko pero wala pa din. yung institusyon ko inoperan na ko ng pera matapos ko lang MA ko, ala pa rin. pordyosporsanto, ano bang hinihintay ko? siguro, siguro pag-ikaw na ang nagalit, makukumbinsi ako. pinagalitan mo na ako dati. naging epektib. nagkumahog ako. napaisip. kaso ngayon, kailangan ko nang mag-amot. mag-amot ng pansin. di ka na 24-7. kailangan laging may opisyal akong rason. di na pwede yung walang lang. naknakan.


Sidney said...

I don't like guavas but it is a nice portrait... I think she is smiling because she found a customer in you !

my gulch said...

hi Sidney!
i guess so. i always thought that i look funny whenever i asked people around for photos. that's why i prefer snapshots. i am more shy asking them than them being shy because they need to grant my request and give me a pose. most people are antagonistic these days esp. to people with big camera.

guavas are not my favorite really. the seeds are not really that digestible but i am all for the Vit.C which this fruit is (so) sufficient of. :-)

Photo Cache said...

I can have a guava right now, yung guavang PI ha. Haven't had that in a long while.

Love the portrait. I enjoyed your landscapes, but I hope you feature more of people, you're so very good at it.

pieterbie said...

I like nice ladies :-)

my gulch said...

hi photo cache:
i could give you a guava right now if you're beside me, hehe. so virtual muna since you're miles away. sarap ng bayabas natin dito maasim na matamis pero gusto ko yung hindi masyadong hinog, yung malutong pag kinagat. thanks for appreciating. will try to feature people more in my future posts. thanks!

i know you do. :-)

Ferdz said...

Haha. Loves her expression. I guess she's also smiling because she got a good sale.

my gulch said...

Hi Ferdz,
yea, could be that or something else. there were kids around us, and they were giggling as I was setting the camera for her. the guavas i bought from her were really good buys.

the donG said...

i really like this shot. galing ng expression nya. it's as if she's saying something.

kyels said...

I love guavas too!


Well, maybe she is laughing b/c someone is taking her photo. Who knows, di ba?

my gulch said...

hi dom!
she did say something after this shot. but they were more of mumbles than something i could make sense out of it.

you could be right.

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