Monday, January 19, 2009

Another "good" reason to be a vegetarian

chopping the head of cow

A butcher chopping a chunk of meat from a head of a cow. This shot was taken in a well-known meatshop in Tagaytay City.

While I was making a series of shots, his colleagues started to gather round us wondering why I was taking photos of this butcher. I caught him saying: "Papanakot n'ya yan sa mga tao!" (She'll use it to scare people away!).

Well, he has a point. For one, butcher scares the hell out of me. Second, I was never fond of beef. Third, I hate seeing a live meat being forcefully hacked by someone. It reminds me of one of those bad horror flicks that require to be "gory" enough to sell.



kyels said...

Maybe I should become vegetarian too? Like you, I dislike butchers and they scare me too. I'm not too sure why but they just do.

Photo Cache said...

A bit disconcerting; I dont think this would make me a vegetarian though.

pieterbie said...

I see exactly what you mean. Does he work outside because it is more hygienic than working inside?
Long live vegetarianism!
I'm not one, btw, I did live without meat for 3 years in the past, maybe I ought to switch to being a veggie again.

paoruiz said...

the face of the butcher irks me. it is as if he's really enjoying what he does: scaring people away.

the donG said...

hahaha... the man indeed gave you the idea for this post.

Sidney said...

You need some meat once in a while to stay healthy... but I definitely prefer to ignore from where my meat is coming...

my gulch said...

let's just say, butchers are the least approachable people in the world. but it's a job. this guy in the photo, he's actually quite friendly.

photo cache:
this wouldn't make me a vegetarian either but at least it would make me shy away from meat for awhile seeing how butchers treat live meat.

i don't think being hygenic has anything to do with it. let's just say, there's more space outside than inside. also, it's safer there. there's the possibility of hacking someone aside from the meat. without meat for 3 years?! wow. that's one hell of a feat.

hehe. he's actually friendly in person. medyo nahihiya pa si Manong noong kinukunan ko siya kase tinutukso siya ng mga kasama niya.

pati ideyang pang-horror naisip ko din!

"ignoring where your meat is coming from"--> that's the idea.

Ferdz said...

I also don't like to see animals being butchered or slaughtered.

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