Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ode to “my” Sunset

sunset with a boatman

an arresting orb—
a delicate red, in deep orange,
and fading yellow
from the shielding clouds revealed.

sunset at its peak

a quiet work of art
swathing both a remorse
and an forgotten ache
rekindled by a desire to possess.

sunset's reflection on the sand

subtle shimmer of hope
moving slowly, almost fading
from the rippled water, to sand
to my eagered arms.

slowly fading

a fleeting moment
it was good while it lasts
to describe is much painful
than a quiescent gazing.

fading ball

I watch you fade.

As once again,
—I walk a dark path.



redge said...

What a magnificent sunset. You captured the changing phases of the setting sun very well, I can clearly see why you offered an ode to such beauty. The calm sea really helped to give your photos much detail. The last of the series deserves to be hanged on a wall somewhere, or at least be published as a postcard - Just beautiful.

Just a suggestion though, you could align your horizon and correct the barrel distortion in post processing. This will cure the curved horizon on some of your photos.

Anonymous said...

galing!!! nice capture.. :)

Photo Cache said...

Ooh la la. Am speechless here.

Kyels said...

Magnificent shots Rayts!!!


punky said...

nice shots! matagal na ring hindi nagpaparamdam si sunset at pati na rin si sunrise.. palagi kasing umuulan.. tsk2..

Sidney said...

Wow...those are gorgeous sunsets !

my gulch said...

thanks! your suggestion makes a lot of sense. i can't seem to find a cure with that "curved horizon". will sort it out. can i do it in photoshop? cencia na, pero bano ako sa postprocessing, hehe. hope you could teach me how to do it. :-)

thanks! i've seen some of your sunset photos and they are way, way better than what i have here. but really, thanks for appreciating.

photo cache:
this is exactly the reason why instead of describing what i've seen or what i felt at that moment, i tried writing an ode instead. thanks for always appreciating.


onga. maganda ang araw ngayong umaga. nagpakita ang haring araw.

salamat, salamat!

pieterbie said...

I like the idea of an ode to a sunset. And you've managed to capture the different stages of the sunset very well.
The photos give such a nice warm feeling.

the donG said...

the last photo is the most dramatic. amazing shots rayts!

Ferdz said...

Beautiful! Breathtaking talaga sunsets whereever we are.

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