Thursday, January 8, 2009

By the sea (and on the road)

by the sea

While waiting for the sunset, I saw a good subject and he doesn't seem to mind. The kiddo was pretty much pre-occupied playing a scoop of sand in his hands.



Sometimes we shut up not because we don’t have anything to say rather we want to keep them to ourselves. My opinions are mine, you don’t need to know them, and you’d rather not hear them because there’s a bigger chance that you will not like them.


We were road tripping. It was just me and a close friend. She was driving the car looking quite pleasant because of the smooth traffic. There was no sound except for the faint music from the radio. Unwittingly, I was tapping my fingers on my lap following a very familiar love song. Way back in college, I knew the song but I have forgotten the title. I broke the silence and made some little conversation.

Me: What would you do if you knew something but could not say it?
Friend: Then don’t.
Me: That’s it?
Friend: Depends. Can you be more specific?
Me: Well, I can’t.
Friend: Then make some hypothetical scenarios.
Me: What if you have a friend, a close one and he’s doing something wrong…err, morally that is, and you knew about it and he knew that you knew. What to do?
Friend: ahhh.
Me: What?
Friend: I know that you already know what to do. You just want confirmation from me. Now here’s the thing. You are responsible for the people that you allow to enter in your life especially your friends. If he is really your friend then it’s your moral obligation to knock some sense into his head.

That very familiar love song (which I still could not remember the title) continued to reverberate in the air but the tapping of my fingers stopped. My mind was somewhere else.


Kyels said...

I had a similar photo of my brother once. When he was still a kid.



the donG said...

"If he is really your friend then it’s your moral obligation to knock some sense into his head." >>> true. correcting someone doesnt always mean you're hurting them.

pieterbie said...

I love the colour of that water, is it as if it is giving light.

my gulch said...

it's easy to imagine it now since i've seen your brother's photo in your facebook, hehe. both of you are cute.

actually, that's the hard part-telling them the truth and hurting their feelings at the same time.

totally. thanks for noticing.

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