Friday, January 9, 2009

Flower arrangers

flower arrangers relation to yesterday's photo and photo cache's inquiry. :-)


Essential yet appealed, carry all your thoughts across

An open field, when flowers gaze at you...

they're not the only ones who cry

When they see you

~from Augustana's Boston~


Kyels said...

My guess was wrong!


Photo Cache said...

Ask and it shall be answered. I too was wrong, I thought it was a window washer. ^_^

the donG said...

nice capture rayts. the girl looks pressured by what she is doing.

pieterbie said...

Ah, ok, that is nice!
Very decorative.

my gulch said...

it's okay. i would have not guessed it, anyway.

@photo cache:
i would have thought about that too or someone who's posting something, err, a streamer maybe.

bad trip din ako sa kanila kase sinira nila photoshoot ko, hehehe! di ako makakuha ng ibang angulo ng church kase angtagal nila nag-aayos sa harap. mukhang may ikakasal kase kaya madali-madali sila sa pag-aayos.


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