Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My favorite corner

empty chairs

Inside one of the corners of O!MyGulay, an art gallery and vegetarian resto in Baguio City—you’ll find this little glum spot. It has this undersized folding wooden table and two mismatched chairs complemented by a photo of the early Cordillerans on the left and an interpretation of “chalice of the dove” on the right. There seems to be some disparity on how all these eclectic interiors were arranged but I dunno, I love this particular spot. I don't think it's a favored spot among customers. Either they'll go to the veranda to enjoy the panoramic view of the city or find a table somewhere near the Spanish Galleon and be enamored by the indigenous gallery of artworks. But this particular spot is mine. I could not exactly tell you why but it reminds me of a lot of things. Myself for one—almost fitting but still irreconcilable. Parang yung comment ng isang friend ko sa akin:

"Medyo nage-gets ko yung sinabi mo pero malabo pa rin!"




Photo Cache said...

I guess you like this spot because it's quiet and solitude is what you're seeking while enjoying your meal.

my gulch said...

yea, maybe. but when i was here, nakatunganga lang ako. and you're right quiet siya kase di puntahan ng tao. either this spot is too gloomy or too scratchy for you. but more than that, i like how the furnitures are mismatched--yun siguro unang naka-attract sa akin, yung 2 magkaibang uri ng upuan.

Lantaw said...

Classic shot!

kyels said...

There's something about this spot that I like too. Solitude.


paoruiz said...

parang nanggaling si Jose Rizal dito. =) Dito nya yata sinulat ang huli nyang tula. Hehe. =)

Sidney said...

I think it out of the ordinary... just like you... ;-)

my gulch said...

salamat! :-)

see? you understood my sentiments.

maaari. pwede. hinde ito imposible. datapwat maaari rin namang naligaw si JPR sa Baguio para mag-chill habang sumusulat ng tula, hehe.

my gulch said...

it takes some effort to appreciate the things that "seemingly" are not appreciate-able at first. or those that "seemingly" has no merit of being appreciated. yes, very out of the ordinary. ;-)

the donG said...

i was there 2weeks ago. didnt toice that part. how did i miss that?

my gulch said...

see? that's exactly my point. this spot is (so) easy to miss (and ignore). it's at the other side of the Spanish Galleon, near the exit on your way to the pond (i think).

pieterbie said...

I can understand perfectly why you like this spot. I could fall in love with it myself.

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