Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gasping for air

gasping for air

I need to vent.

—a space to breathe. Right now, I feel like I am drowning, badly gasping for air.
Discontent, bad joke, resentment, false hope—I would give anything to dust them off right now.



Photo Cache said...

Oh what a great capture. Fantastic timing.

My self prescribed RX for doldrums? Road trip with tons of photo ops. That usually picks me up.

paoruiz said...

i suggest to take a trip alone. no friends, no relatives. no travel buddies even. just you and the sound of the waves, and the setting gleam of the sunset. ugh, i want to do this myself.

bring an iPod to keep you sane at least.

the donG said...

nice timing for this shot.

i hope that it wont worsen as the day goes by. maybe you need some time to relax.

Sidney said...

Hmmm... I don't see any picture today.... (except the one of you looking down the mountain).

Rayts... beer, just beer... ;-)

pieterbie said...

Terrific shot, Rayts!

Sidney said...

Wow...nice image...good I came back :-)

Hope you were able to vent :-)

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