Wednesday, January 28, 2009



The wind carries with them a sand full of fears and doubts. The sand was too harsh for their young heart, still soft and untried. It was a strong wind carrying clouds of sand and dust through the air, but they were happy. In high spirits, they were glad to have received them.



domho said...

this photo is really beautiful! you can submit this to digital photographer!

looks very much like a winning moment!

excellent capture rayts! two thumbs up to this.

Sidney said...

Pure joy !

my gulch said...

thank you for the words of encouragement. you really make me feel like a pro thanks bro! (oha, rhyme pa yan). seriously, i appreciate the kind words.

@Mr. Snoeck
yes, pure joy. and these kids don't even know what's coming to them. after this shot, i think we all got blinded for awhile. literally speaking, we ate dirt! hehe.

Jim said...

May grain effect. galing.

eliment said...

awesome photos! i like it.

pieterbie said...

It tickles me that they are laughing, doesn't look like much fun to me being in a sand storm.

OT: my lastest picture is about ice skating, as the title of the post tells you :-)
So not skiing, but skating :-)

my gulch said...

onga. grain effect na muntik ng makabulag, hehe. thanks!

salamat! binista ko ang blog mo. magaling na artist. salamat sa pagbisita dito.

they giggle because they're the one who caused the sand to flew around us like that. i guess they were having too much...and too close.

Anonymous said...

ganda ng moment! it's a once in a lifetime... idol! galing..:)

paoruiz said...

ang genuine ng shot eh no. =)

my gulch said...

thank you. pag-dating talaga sa mga bata as subject, parang maraming moment. they feel so real. and it's fun being with them cuz they like to play around the camera.

onga eh no. kaya masarap silang gawing subject.

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