Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting short

getting it short!

They say women cut their hair during bad days or specifically, during a sheer emotional turmoil.

It could be true.

—A gesture of defiance or dissatisfaction against an uncontrolled scheme, a feeling of dejection over little action that caused more than I could afford or simply, just a spiteful kind of emotional kick in the balls.

Whatever the case, I want all the bad things hacked off along with this kilo of hair I am taking off. I just want some CHANGE.



Sidney said...

OMG... I hope you didn't do this during the lunar month !

according to the Chinese:

Not only you shouldn’t cut your hair during the lunar month, cutting hair n your birthday is also not advisable. The reason for it is also the same as for Chinese New Year. Cutting your hair would mean bad luck for you until your very next birthday. Whether or not this superstition is true, many of us have abide by it for years. It doesn’t harm to have some luck by your side.

Sayang...we have no profile shot...but I am sure you look even more pretty in short hair !

my gulch said...

ha! i didn't know that you're Chinese! i don't even know when is the start of the lunar month or when it ends so i don't think it makes sense to believe in something that i am ignorant about. but you, saying it now to me is another thing. we'll just see. bad luck has always been the name of my game.

showing a profile shot?! hmmm, i think that is where the badluck will start to pour in. ;-)

Ferdz said...

hmm kelan ba yung Lunar Month :P

Bad luck or not. Bagay naman. It looks nice and clean and shiny. Bagong shampoo ba and conditioner?:P

my gulch said...

onga, kelan nga ba ang lunar month? pero nung gabing nagpagupit ako, walang buwan eh, puro stars lang. does it count? hehehe.

Shampoo lang yan Ferdz! (at saka blower).

Anonymous said...

yihaaa! welcome to the Pinag-initan and Buhok Club.


my gulch said...

onga. ito yung club na 2 lang ang member. pero alam mo kung anong malufer? yung sara-saring reaksyon ng mga otaw. may na-disappoint, natuwa, nagtaka, nanghingi ng rason. hehe. kakatawa

Anonymous said...

pioneer members!!!

talaga? let me guess:
nadisappoint: si negro
natuwa: si dax
sino nagtaka: thini
sino humingi ng rason? da gels?


my gulch said...

sa natuwa ka lang tumama. ;-)
si D (the other D), na-disappoint. si thini, wa-care, the rest ganito: "what? anong nangyari?" or "baket?"

Anonymous said...

Nice haircut. It looks healthier, shinier and softer. Parang shampoo ad. LOL.

paoruiz said...

Kelan nga ba ang lunar month? =p But seriously, this is a nice haircut. =)

my gulch said...

@dyosa: hehe. thanks!

@pao:kung mamalas-malasin talaga, well baka start ng lunar month nga yun. unang araw ng Chinese New Year ako nagpagupit eh. seriously din, salamat.

Anonymous said...

women cuts their hair short.. men cuts their hair even shorter.. KALBO for short! heheh.. pero d ko pa na try yan.. hahah.. anong add nga yung shampoo lang yan?

domho said...

hahaha... sidney really knows a lot of things. he can be anyone. now he's a feng shui consultant.

i already met him. he's really friendly and a good man.

i think this photo would have been better with a front view. hehehe...

have a great day rayts!

dongho = domho

my gulch said...

@jess: i know a few women who could go into skinhead and still carries it elegantly. dati kase akala ko si Sinnead O' Connor lang nakaka-carry ng ganun hairstyle. Rejoice commercial ata yung "Shampoo lang yan!" hehe. di ko din sure pero parang rejoice nga.

@dom!: meron ka pa talagang domho=dongho dyan. as if di namin alam, hehe. joke lang. you met Sidney in person? wow, lucky you! many have tried, only few were chosen, hehe. but i kinda know that he's one of the friendliest bloggers around. his words and his works speak for it. front view? naku, pag dating dyan ikaw naman ang maabutan ng lunar eclipse at mamalasin ka buong taon so wag na lang, hehehe! anyway, thanks Dom.

Sidney said...

Hi Rayts...thanks for the nice words...
Hmmm... have you ever tried to meet me? ;-)...I would never say no to a beautiful girl like you... ;-)

my gulch said...

hi Sidney!

no, i haven't tried. but i know someone who's dying to meet you and ask about your knack for good photojournalism. i might just chaperone her given the chance. ;-)

pieterbie said...

Really cool, you have a pretty, slender neck.
You should have stunned us with some really great full frontal or profile pics, of course, but you are far too modest, aren't you?
Scared you'll have all those men lining up on your doorstep.
Looks like you have good quality hair.

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