Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fake raindrops and blue umbrella

raindrops on her umbrella

You will know that you made the right decision when you pick the harder choice and your heart is at peace with it.

I like to do the things I'd like to do. Minus the inhibitions. Minus the compromises. Minus the fret. Unfortunately, some major decisions have to depend on other people's judgement.



paoruiz said...

baka fake din yung payong nya. and fake din yung tao. baka fake din yung mundong ginagalawan natin. =p

my gulch said...

...baka fake din ako! hehe. domino effect. fake world, fake people. the only problem i see is that, in the world we are living in such "fakeness" is hardly visible by the naked eyes. minsan fake pero akala mo tunay.

Photo Cache said...

I think what Pao is saying is you captured someone in parallel universe :)

Sometimes, the harder choice is so because you force the issue; because it's what you like. I may not be expressing this right, but it's a reverse psych thing you know.

paoruiz said...

hahah oo nga eh. pero im sure sa greenhills very visible yan. =)

the donG said...

"Unfortunately, some major decisions have to depend on other people's judgement.">>> this is really true. it happens.

is this picture along commonwealth?

my gulch said...

@photo cache:
i understand about the reverse psych. yea, one could look at it that way. i only force an issue when i think and believe that i am right. most of the time, i am not so i try to always look at things at different perspectives and get other's view on it.

ay oo. pati sa Quiapo. haha.

yep, this is along Commonwealth. mas maganda kase ang cityscape dito from the overpass kaysa sa philcoa.

Anonymous said...

i think making the right decision is where your heart is.. it would be difficult to be something that ur not into.. though people around us is a big factor in making the decision but lets just come to think of it that they will not be on the situation but us.. who suffers and enjoys the outcome of the decision is us, not them.. :)

Jim said...

kala ko totoo yung ulan, galing ng design... :D

akmang-akma ang nararamdaman mo sa nangyayari sa mundo--one country's decision affects the whole world--ang amerika at ang kanyang pagpupumilit na isalba ang sarili (to the possible slaughter naman ng ekonomiya ng ibang bansa)...

Sidney said...

Very nice composition with a great view... not much traffic that day...was Pacquiao fighting that day ? ;-)

Since we share this world with billions of other people... there is no other way than compromise a little bit...;-)

pieterbie said...

Love your new header with the quote by Alan Alda. Great quote!
Great depth in this blue umbrella photo. Makes me feel dizzy.

my gulch said...

you've raised a very good point. sometimes, my heart is into it but my mind is not.

ganda naman ng parallelism. ganun ata talaga, domino effect. and we're feeling the consequences.

no traffic because the were demonstrations against PGMA that day.
compromising is good as long as you keep whatever that is keeping you sane and alive.

thanks. yea, Alan Alda a.k.a Hawkeye Pierce of M.A.S.H.

domho said...

mas maganda nga dyan. nakapagpicture na rin ako dyan. pero tagal na din yon.

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