Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breakdance ‘to behbeh ko!

No meaningless randomness here, just historical contingency, hehe.

For those who have seen the film, you know what the heck my title means (and the humor). Oh yea, I am so ‘jologs’ I watched the film twice. Haha! I think I will be having two more invites for the next few days and I was thinking…”why not watch it again, and again.” Especially if the tickets are for free.

The first time was with my two office buddies, Deb and Etch. And because we could not contain our feelings, we went "starbucks-ing' afterwards.

cynic Tam

DEB: Hmm, should I watch it again? I must admit, the movie was funny I almost farted from my seat, nyehehe!

classy Bu

ETCH: I will join you for the next round. No need to beg me, Rayts.

big round eyes

DEB and ETCH (rolling eyes) : Yes, we will watch the movie again!

trying hard to be Chinese

DEB and ETCH (Chinese eyes) : We told you, we will watch the movie again!

the lonely cup

MARGARITA's CUP: I am ready for my third! Anyone with a free ticket there? :-D

If you want entertainment, this movie will crack you up. Other than that, I don't think there's need to be all intellectual and analytical about the plot. :-D



Anonymous said...

astig yung mga mata ni deb sa 3rd pic..!!! hahah

Kyels said...

Isn't this the sequel to "A Very Special Love"?

I want to watch it too. Pero I don't think I can be jologs about it since they won't screen it here.


Photo Cache said...

margarita is your full name?

Anonymous said...



my gulch said...

astig ba kamo? o malaki mata nya? hehe. matagal na nyang tangap yan. actually pareho silang super laki ng mata kaya nga di ako nag-join, kaka-OP.

yes, it is! super. you'll enjoy it pareho tayong jologs, hehe. i will try to send you a copy. ;-)

@photo cache:
haha. i wish that is my real and full name. we like putting other people's name in our cups, me especially. sometimes, it's Josephine (because i like Jo's character in Little Women)or Joey (because i used it as my pseudo-name in my fictions) but mostly it's Margarita (simply because i'd like to be called as such), hehe. bano ba?

sana kasama ka namin. sarap magkulitan pag puro girls kasama. mga bano din tong 2.

unwritten said...

oo nga eh.


the donG said...

hahaha... i too sometimes use Matt as a name when ordering coffee there.

Anonymous said...

haha.. kaya nga astig dahil sa laki.. nyehaha.. shhh... joke lang..:)

pieterbie said...

Thanks for the filmtip, but I'm afraid my supplier doesn't have it, I just checked.
Love those office mates of yours, they look like great fun!

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