Friday, March 6, 2009


holes on a leaf

No matter how small or discomforting it was, through these holes, I get a view of the other side.



Photo Cache said...

fine eye and equally fine capture. you are very observant.

kyels said...

An observant capture Rayts. And I love the metaphor.


the donG said...

you're really good at this rats. the metaphor is perfect!

Miong said...

wow! magnificient!

Sidney said...

Excellent image!

So what did you see of the other side... ;-)

my gulch said...

photo cache:
thanks for noticing. i guess you are one heck of an observant too. it's nice to linger and feel your surroundings once in awhile. we discover greater things in the midst of silence.

thanks for getting some meaning behind a seemingly trivial thoughts.

thanks for appreciating.

hi Miong:
thanks for the visit and thanks for the kind words. the word 'magnificent' is rarely used on my works. :-D

oh i saw a lot. it's like using a different lens, i get a whole new perspective of life.

pieterbie said...

And what is on the other side, I wonder? Where are the producers of these holes.
All those questions...

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